See a seven year old Harry Kane wearing an Arsenal kit

See a seven year old Harry Kane wearing an Arsenal kit


It’s no secret that Harry Kane spent time training with Arsenal as a kid before joining Spurs but until now we’ve not had to contend with the disturbing sight of the player wearing their horrible strip.

Here’s seven-year old Harry (circled) wearing the red of the enemy. It’s not nice to look at but at least Tottenham fans can content themselves with the fact that the Gooners let him slip through their net.

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  1. Absolutely
    The old Gooners think an 8 yr old boy who has been ‘enticed’ by Wenger can have an adult judgement on whom he wants to play for……
    Fair play to Wenger for turning an 8year olds head, I’ve heard he has done that a few times

  2. Anyone else seen the article headlined ‘Young Kane was an Arsenal Product’ … haha … yea, he was with them as a 7yr old and was gone when he was a mere 8yrs old so how that makes him a product of the goons academy I’ll never know.

  3. Boring info. I could google Jack Wilshire in a West Ham Boys kit and declaring that he was a West Ham supporter and his idol was Di Canio, but who cares about kids desperate to get scouted by a club.Sad misuse of the Internet.

  4. That he left Arsenal at 8 and ended up at Spurs shows that a) Arsenal have good talent scouts and b) that Spurs will eagerly lap up Arsenal’s sloppy seconds. Nothing personal against Harry, but where would he start at Arsenal? Not ahead of Giroud, Welbeck, Sanchez, or Walcott (2-0 to you blokes). Haha. A non-story and poor journalism on a site meant to support a crap team that play in the least imaginative of all colors, white. Have fun playing in the Europa League, boys, against top quality opposition like Vilnius United.

    • Only one of those I’d start before Kane would be Sanchez. Walcott Giroud and Welbeck aren’t anything to shout about like most of the goons squad. If it wasn’t for Sanchez you lot would be further down the table. Let’s see at the end of the year just how ‘crap’ Spurs are and who’ll be in the CL …. something tells me you not in a position to be so cocky 🙂 … roll on 7th Feb and 2 fingers up to Walcott.

      • It’s amazing how after 17 straight years of eating your words, you can still say things like “Let’s see at the end of the year just how ‘crap’ Spurs are and who’ll be in the CL”. You sound so hopeful in your delusion. You’ve done nothing all season other than a fluke win against Chelsea. We beat them 5-3 at Stamford bridge not too long ago so don’t get too excited about that. “If it wasn’t for Sanchez you lot would be further down the table” What a funny thing to say. Scoring goals his job. Would you prefer he be like Soldado? Wouldn’t you be at the bottom of the table without Harry Kane’s goals? Stop embarrassing yourself mate.

          • We don’t compete with spurs mate. We’ve trounced you for 17 years straight in every department. One fluke win against Chelsea and you get carried away. How did your world beaters do against Crystal Palace?

      • You lot must be masochists. Every year you bleat on and on and the result at the end is you are inevitably forced to look up at your betters. Welbeck joined us after the season had begun and already has as many goals as your precious Harry. In any case, we all know who the smart pick would be between those two and he wears red. As I said, have fun playing a meaningful tie against FC Andorra. And let us not forget that white is the symbol of surrender. 😉

        • That’s because only recently has kane been starting prem games. If you knew a thing or two about what you were talking about you would know that kane, Chadli and Eriksen have all scored the same amount of prem goals (7 each) and are joint top scorers so to suggest Spurs would be doomed without Kane’s scoring is dumbfounded! Where as Sanchez has 10 and your next best is giroud (5) and Cazorla (4) so without Sanchez you’d be a lot further below! Even Chadli is out performing Welbeck!

          • Kane and Welbeck each have 7 goals in all competitions. You must be a Spurs supporter; you bottle even the little things. Then again, Spurs are a little club. All you do is shit lasagna and make excuses.

    • Walcock was giving it the 2 and 0 to thank us for breaking him and giving him another 20 weeks off, Whilst you mugs pay his wages for sitting on his arse. When will you realize he is not the mesiah and just another crock?

  5. as a kid u have to let many go and let the few that are better stay, such is the case of hary kane, take a closer look at the black boy standing behind him and take a guess of who he is…. let me help u out, that is afobe which is better than him back then(even up til now) and stil cant make it into arsenal’s first team, remembered what he did to Manchester United defence in an mk dons shirt earlier in the season. arsenal aint at a loss with kane because even afobe that is on the fringe is better than him. so people should stop raving n shouting about him


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