What is it about Spurs that make referees hate us so. We already hold the title for having the-most-over-the-line-shot-ruled-out after Pedro Mendes was denied against Manchester United ten years ago and now we have just had a goal scrubbed out for the most ridiculous offside decision you’ll ever see.

Jan Vertonghen was clearly in his own half when played in to score a long range effort that would have made it 3-1 to Tottenham, only to be ruled offside.

Perhaps the return of Jermain Defoe meant that the linesman just got into the habit of raising his flag. Here’s how Twitter reacted to the decision.



  1. The ref was right behind Jan, can we complain to get the goal on the score sheet? It might be important at the end of the season.

  2. There should be an official to butt in and tell the ref he is wrong!! Save his arse as he will get reprimanded now..and the idiot linesman

  3. It’s’ not the first time Foy has let down Spurs with downright inexcusable decision, he should never be a Premiership Referee, he is just useless he really is.
    Let him just stick local park games where jumpers for goalposts are used because that is about his limit. Pathetic little man!!!

  4. When a referee & assistant DO NOT KNOW the basic laws of football, they should be a). sacked! b). forced to re-sit the referees exam & should they pass, c). start all over again with parks football!
    When the ball was played, the referee is 3yds behind Vertonghen & assistant was at the half way line/level with the defender – only player just entering that half!
    So, where on earth did they both see Vertonghen at that precise moment?? Was their spatial awareness & peripheral vision so poor they couldn’t see & didn’t even subsequently realise Vertonghen was in his own half??
    Worst decision I’ve ever seen in 45+ YEARS of watching football!

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  6. FA or Referee’s association England, please look at the TV replay again, AND decide if Vertonghen ran from his halve, n scored.
    N let justice prevail. Set a clear standard. If Ref erred, rectify if not, no more action.
    Modern ‘ technology ‘ don’t LIE. A Yes or No period.

  7. I cannot understand why technology is not used to clarify to the referee if there was any reason not to allow any goal to stand. This would take a few seconds when the ball is in the net and clear up all the controversy.


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