Dimitar Berbatov scored the second goal tonight as his Monaco side shocked Arsenal by beating them 3-1 in the Champions League last-16 first-leg at the Emirates.

As ever, he strolled around looking cool as a cucumber, while occasionally producing moments of magic that Spurs fans grew used to during his time at White Hart Lane.

His performance really makes you wish that Tottenham had brought him back to the club when he left Manchester United but we’ll take his contribution tonight as a welcome consolation prize. Here’s how Twitter reacted to Berbatov rolling back the years.



  1. ………..like I said mertcielny,vive la Monaco. Can’t even handle a 34 yr old who doesn’t give a shit. Finish 4 again, I really couldn’t give a flying fuck,cos this is my favourite part of the season now when your wheels come off.

  2. I see that football ignoramus Piers Morgan has started by comparing Berbatov’s age to his own. At least Berbatov has talent and class in his game, you Mr Morgan have a distinct lack of both. You are an embarrassment to all decent football fans let alone the deluded Arsenal ones.

  3. Wait, wheels come off? I’ll rather they do playing with the big champions league boys than the those island teams in the Europa shit. Not that you would understand what it means playing in the competitions that matter.

  4. Spurs are dumped out.
    Arsenal still have a big chance to score 3 goals or more against the mighty supreme top notch world best club Monaco.


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