Spurs fans with long enough memories will remember former Tottenham players such as Nayim and Gica Popescu sinking Arsenal in Europe and another man might have added himself to the list tonight.

He might be getting on but Dimitar Berbatov is still a class act and he proved it tonight with a calm, collected finish to put Monaco 2-0 up in their Champions League last-16 match with Arsenal at the Emirates.

The only problem is, if Monaco do knock Arsenal out they will be able to concentrate on the league and will doubtless secure yet another season of Champions League football.



  1. Problem is simple….Arsenal breed arrogance its in their culture, Wenger opitimises it. However arrogance can be coupled with talent and breed success or it comes with illusions of grandieur which is what we see at the moment. there are those that would say ah but you spuds have a losing mentality, well i tell you this Pochetino is undoubtedly the coolest manager we have had in years, he opitimises spurs, cool, friendly, realistic, confident, humourous and fair……Arsenal will fall out of vogue you mark my words.


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