Tim Sherwood has claimed that Spurs were dead set in selling Harry Kane, before he stopped the sale going through.

Somewhat jaded by Tim’s tall tales, the good folk of Twitter came up with the hashtag #ThingsSherwoodStopped. It detailed the many awful things that Sherwood put a stop to. Here’s the very best efforts.



  1. If only he could choke on his ego. Hoe I look forward to the Villa game and watch Tim’s escapades on the side line as Kane thumps the Villa net. COYS

  2. Spurs need for Hollywood players and Hollywood managers will always be their delusional downfall, they aren’t the Real Madrid of London. Sherwood maybe a bell end at times, but his antics are irrelevant, he was doing ok for Spurs and he was let go because he wasn’t Hollywood enough for you.

    Hoe do you feel about that?

  3. It really is a shame, the man knows his football, many of the young players have been quoted that he was PART of their development, but he always looks for someone or something to blame when things go wrong, but steps up for the limelight when everything works. Spurs supporters believe that this man’s comments cannot be taken seriously,


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