It’s safe to say Paulinho isn’t exactly a fan favourite at Tottenham Hotspur.

The Brazilian midfielder has been immensely underwhelming in terms of performances since joining Spurs almost two years ago. Most wonder if he is indeed the same player who had impressed on countless occasions for his country prior to his arrival in England.

Nevertheless, Mauricio Pochettino tends to prefer Paulinho to other bit-part squad members. He was picked in the starting eleven for Tottenham’s trip to Newcastle; here’s how Twitter reacted when the team news was released.



  1. I don’t think levy gonna trust poch with investment in the club with selections like this is like the managers given up aswell,

  2. Now I know poch alais manuel has not got a fucking clue will be gone by xmas just like ramos and we start all over again same old spurs never learn

  3. Paulihnio man of the match and Lamela was pulling their defence all over the place with the runs he was making and unlucky not to score one of the best performances of the team this year. Now I don’t like to have a go about my fellow spurs fans but how about actually tryin to support the club not just sayin we should continue to get rid of mangers and players therefore starting the whole process over again.

  4. Some strange comments on here re Poch. If you’ve got a player who needs selling and the season is dead then you play him. Paulinho is a gonna, has been for months. Get a grip some of you Poch is doing ok and I believe we’ll be better next season ( yes yes I know) . He never bought Paulinho, Capoue, Saldado etc. next season squad will be younger,fresher and hungrier of that I’m sure. Pritchard and Alli coming in and Yedlin finding his role. The average age will be around 22. Deadwood will be shifted.


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