The first-half between Spurs and Hull was a dreary old affair and as is most often the case is such situations, the little group of fans around started to spend more time talking amongst ourselves than actually watching the match.

One of the topics of conversation that came up was Harry Kane and the newspaper speculation suggesting that Manchester United were ready to pay £45m for him. To my surprise, plenty of people seemed to think that it was worth considering should such a bid materialise.

Their argument was that it was a huge fee for a player who’d only had one good season. The money could be reinvested in the squad.

Football fans can have short memories. It wasn’t so long ago that I was saying the same thing about Gareth Bale. How could Tottenham fail to have build a stronger squad with the sort of money that Real Madrid were offering? We all know how that turned out.

If Spurs have a somewhat mixed record in the transfer market, it looks even worse when you only consider the forwards that have been bought.

Every transfer window would see us hoping that the mythical ‘world class striker’ would finally be found. On several occasions we thought we might have landed one, but time told us otherwise.

In Harry Kane we have stumbled across a player that solves one of the club’s longest standing problems. Instead of looking for an international striker this summer who’ll guarantee goals, Tottenham can target more realistic players – ones with potential and plenty to prove.

As if that wasn’t reason enough not to sell Kane, there are others too. How about the dreadful message it sends out? If you flog a young player who has just come through the youth ranks, just signed a new contract and admitted he’d be happy to stay at the club for the rest of his career, pretty much everyone is for sale.

Les Ferdinand admitted recently that the coaching staff used to try and motivate Mousa Dembele by telling him that he’d be the next player to move to Madrid – Castilla presumably – should he fulfil his potential. It’s a dreadful, cancerous, philosophy.

We can’t be blind to the fact that Spurs will have to sell their best players, until a time comes when they can better compete financially with the current range of predators. But you shouldn’t let that reality become part of the club culture, nor should should you cash in on your stars unless they actually desire a move.

Kane clearly wants to play his football at White Hart Lane and tied his future to the club for a £35,000 a week contract. That might sound like very good money to you and me, but in football terms it’s a pittance.

In an age when a certain 20-year old England international – who hasn’t achieved much more than Kane in the great scheme of things – is already angling for a transfer, despite playing for one of the biggest and best clubs in the country, we really should be grateful for what we’ve got.

Sell Kane for £45m? They could offer double that and we should still tell them to do one.



  1. No way should we sell. Another point is his marketability for us. The whole he’s one of our own could be like his own mini brand that the club could push particularly if his form continues in to next year.

  2. Yes, he is good but he’s not world class. Teams will figure him out next year. He is already starting to go off form. i’m hoping he doesnt but he hasn’t quite got that magic sparkle that bale had for us. Jackson martinez is the man for me

  3. sell him and my season ticket is cancelled-hes only played since nov and he has already shown that he c an rip the best centre backs to bits aka chelsea and arsenal-buy in 3 or 4 quality players and ship out about 9 and you have a good squad with all the young players coming through
    out-fazio chiriches kaboul capoue townsend soldado adebeyor paulinho vertongan
    in wimmer aldeiverwald martinez bring back lennon upgrade prichard fredericks etc and its sorted
    (excuse the spelling)

  4. Heck no! His recent dry spell if you can call it that is down mostly to the struggles of the 3 or 4 behind him. Teams haven’t figured out Harry so much as they’ve figured out how to really lock down the guys trying to get him service. He’ll be fine as long as we upgrade that area of the pitch… Unless we can swing some kind of swap deal to bring Bale back; I’d be okay with that.

    • do you really think bale wouldve wanted to come back to your shiteclub?? LOL talk about living in a fool’s paradise..

  5. I would say that WE SHOULD BUY PLAYERS WHICH REVOLVES AROUND HARRY. If you guys watch our matches carefully, every single club is putting 2 or 3 man to mark harry. I MEAN YOU CANT EXPECT HIM TO SCORE WITH A TIGHT SPACE CANT YA?? This is why we have to buy players that can work with him and sell those that cant. Keep the potential ones and sell those who doesnt have any. Lavezzi might be coming to spurs( i rrally hope he is) and he should have a good partnership with lamela. Poch is going with 433, rose dier vertonghen kyle walker, bentaleb, dembele ( or eriksen) paulinho (or mason) , chadli ( or lavezzi please do) , lamela (or townsend) and kane . I think this squad is pretty decent just that maybe our right back, walker should change with southampton clyne and we are all set. Come on guys, if we doesnt give tottenham and harry kane support, who will??

  6. If we keep selling our best players and wasting the money on Daniel levy cheap transfer buy we will always be taking one step forward and two steps backwards


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