The speculation regarding the future of Nabil Bentaleb rumbles on with the Telegraph reporting that the Algerian’s contact talks have been ongoing for nine months.

Bentaleb admitted his frustration at the lack of progress made, spoke of his want to be rewarded for the progress he’s made and drops in the fact that he knows that Champions League clubs are interested in him.

On the positive side for Spurs fans, he also mentioned how much he enjoys playing for the club. So will he stay or will he go? Here’s how Twitter reacted to the developments.



  1. This is not about what he can do, or attributes! this is someone who is just greedy!
    he’s played one full season, yet he acts like he is the best player in the team and we cant do without him!
    you are not the finished article by a long shot, and what attributes you show are not irreplaceble!! give him a option deal where if successful while in team, then give him what he is worth then
    but for one season, your having a laugh!

  2. He’s not got them same Agent has he as this Stirling numpty at S/Pool by any agency.
    Just knuckle down keep training hard and the rewards will come.

  3. bentaleb good player if the stories are true showing imaturate I think it’s got a lot to do with dumb agents be careful what u ask for and all this bout cl clubs wanting him these youngsters going and shine the bench for years then there careers slip away nabil work hard and take your time learn from bale he left Southampton later than could have and left Tottenham later than he could of I feel nabil is coming a fav at the lane u might not be at the next club work hard merits will come don’t chase money .

  4. Without knowing what Spurs are paying him now, its hard to judge him. If he is already on a comparable wage to the others then he is a greedy so and so and somebody should tell him to shut up. If on the other hand he is being paid pea nuts compared to most of the squad then I guess he is justified in asking for more.

  5. I think there paying mason 25 sweet,and bentalab wants to earn what Kane earns,he’s looks good at left back,but not good enough for c/m yet his not creative with the ball at all,maybe Real Madrid might come and get him and sterling,

  6. if the spurs doesnt wont this youngtalent any more , we need him at ac milan and we hope that the spurs doesnt give him what he wont and sell him to our team


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