In a video interview Glenn Hoddle has claimed that Spurs are at a ‘crossroads’ and need to establish themselves as a ‘buying club’.

Hoddle thinks that the time has come for Tottenham to keep hold of their best players and stresses that Mauricio Pochettino must be allowed to choose his own players. He also gives his frank thoughts on how the Gareth Bale money were spent.

Watch the video below.



  1. Whatever happens let’s hope we don’t just end up with a new stadium with no team to grace it,seems that’s the way its panning out though, as usual COYS!

  2. Well that’s not gonna happen until ENIC sell on. We’ve now adopted the Southampton model and buying promising youngsters will be the strategy, and that’s not gonna show enough ambition to keep our top players. Joe Lewis could pay for the new stadium out of his loose change and see a massive return on his investment every other Saturday and when he finally sells but he won’t, it will just be another reason to be in ‘transition’ for a few seasons meanwhile selling the playing assets.


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