What we all love about Harry Kane is how playing for Spurs clearly means so much to him and the fact that he’s remained down to earth, despite his success.

Put the two things together and you get the following. Kane was asked about the chances of joining Manchester United and his response will put a smile on the face of every Tottenham fan.



  1. We must keep Harry Kane at all costs down the years we have let too many great players leave and that was to our cost .

  2. You would have to question DL’s position if he let his 2 top players leave to strengthen a club they were one position behind in the league. Especially after the balls up of selling a proven performer and gambling on the 7 players that were supposed to be mustard.

  3. This news is refreshing, not only for Tottenham fans but for all football followers. Nowadays commitment and loyalty don’t seem to exist anymore in the football world. That said, I don’t think Harry Kane will leave anytime soon and he will definitely give his 100% whenever he wears a Tottenham shirt, that’s what allows him to be the kind of quality player he is… I’m sure that at another club he wouldn’t do so well…


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