The Premier League fixture list came out today. Or rather the provisional list, before Sky, BT and the Europa League move every one of our games to a Sunday.

As many of the nation’s newspapers have been predicting, Harry Kane and Hugo Lloris will kick the season off at Old Trafford. Yes, Spurs will start their campaign with an extremely difficult away trip to Manchester United.

While the difficulty of the opposition is something of a lottery, the fact that Tottenham will play their first game away from home should surprise no one. It happens to Spurs every season, while Arsenal fans get to enjoy a match at the Emirates.

One Tottenham supporter has had enough. Barnaby Slater of the YouTube channel SpurredOn delivered a magnificent rant today that has got Arsenal fans all of a lather. Watch it below.



  1. Typically muggy little spud. It’s not a conspiracy against you lot . You just need to get used being in a giant red shadow. You’ve had 100 years of it stop moaning. Can’t wait to see you move to MK . PS good luck watching us being miles better than you lot again next year. Small team from Enfield your just a small team from Enfield. Ha ha

  2. What a waste of space you lot are; if you really believe that then you are even bigger mugs than I could ever have dreamed possible,.

  3. How unusual Gooner arrogance,still comes too the fore.Im living inhope that one day,I will actually meet or hear of a gooner,with some normal human charaticstics

  4. As a yid i often find it hard to find a positive in you scum but after yesrs here it is … Jack wilshere is a good player and will be an even better one once he goes to city !


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