Do Chelsea really want to buy Spurs flop?

Do Chelsea really want to buy Spurs flop?


It’s been widely reported that Chelsea are interested in buying Mousa Dembele as they look to fill the gap in the squad left by John Obi Mikel.

Spurs fans will be surprised if there’s any truth in this rumour as Dembele has largely flattered to deceive during his three seasons at White Hart Lane. However, although he is a frustrating player he certainly has plenty of good qualities.

For every aspect of Dembele’s game that disappoints – his shooting, lack of a killer pass and tendency to slow down the play with his dribbling all come to mind – there are positives. The Belgian is extremely strong in possession and for an attacking player is useful in defensive situations.

He’s not been the answer at Tottenham but perhaps with players around him that can cover his deficiencies, Dembele could be a useful squad player at Stamford Bridge. Would a £12m move suit all parties?


  1. Dembelle is a good player, but just do not see him fitting into Poch’s system. Hard to believe Chelsea would be outbid, therefore top dollar and hopefully reinvesting prudently seems the way to go. Not as if we should view Chelsea as a realistic target to surpass anytime soon….

  2. Dembele is spurs best player but pochettino hasnt worked out how to utilise him in a pressing game , his main strength being he gives us an outlet when under pressure and can take the ball anywhere and keep it and change the pace of the game down to relieve pressure , if you look at the Chelsea home game this is where he made a massive difference when maso was injured and that is exactly what the master tactician Mourinho saw that day. Spurs would be bonkers to sel him at any price as there are not many players that can offer up his skills , his only weekness is he needs to shoot more when in opposition territory


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