Jimmy Bullard quite often talks rubbish but Spurs fans will hope he’s spot on with his latest comments.

The former Fulham midfielder was interviewed on TalkSport and asked about the new Tottenham signing Dele Alli, who Bullard knows from their brief spell together at MK Dons.

Allí is often been compared to Steven Gerrard, but Bullard claimed that the player he reminds him of is actually Zinedine Zidane.

“I watched him last season and the stature of the boy and how calm he was on the ball, it is very rare you see an English player like that.

“He has got a long way to go but the way Zidane would caress the ball, relax, and his head would swivel, he is that kind of player. He is more of a continental player.

“The boy has got power, but he’s also got great technical ability.”

More from this interview can be heard here. Bullard’s claims may sound too good to be true but it will certainly be interesting to get our first glimpse of Alli in a Spurs shirt during pre-season.




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