There was some gleeful responses from Spurs fans at the news that Hugo Lloris might miss the start of the season through injury, so heaven knows how they’ll react to the latest developments.

French paper L’Equipe have reported that Lloris’ wrist injury will only keep him out for a couple of weeks and that he’ll be raring to go for the season opener.

With Manchester United linked with a move for Lloris, only time will tell if this actually proves to be good news for Spurs.



  1. Bad news for Manchester United…because, er, a Spurs player who they have stated categorically not to be for sale, and with five years on his contract, won’t be able to play against, er, Manchester United in first game of season. LoL!

    The media are such pratts. This desperate need they have to reprise their as tapper-uppers in chief to United, so prominent under Beetroot Head, is by turns pathetic and insulting. United behaved so disgracefully during the tapping-up and enforced sale of Berbatov, and its aftermath that I truly doubt that Levy would sell them anything other than the steam off his cack (and even that would be at a massively inflated price). Do I have any proof of this? Well, er, yeah: Beetroot Head, himself, stated that he would like to bid for Modric (the one player they desperately needed/need) but he knew that Levy wouldn’t even consider any bids from United. Likewise, even when United offered considerably more than Real, and a World record fee, for Gareth Bale, they were never in the running.

    So, now that United can be outbid by not one but two clubs, and now that Spurs are much better all round as a club than they were back then, just what makes anyone believe Spurs have no opportunity but to sell? In regard to the above article: clearly, therefore, it is bad news for Spurs that their first choice goal-keeper should be injured.


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