Tottenham were yesterday linked with a move for the Manchester United striker Javier Hernandez.

The Mexican is already a target for West Ham who have made a £9m move and United could let the 27-year old move if they can bring in another striker to boost their squad.

So is he the right man for Spurs? The biggest stumbling block could be his wages, with Hernandez currently on £100,000 a week. That’s too rich for someone who’s likely to be a squad player, so unless he’d be happy with a wage cut then the move is a non-starter.

In terms of playing style he could fit the bill. Always a threat when brought off the bench, the pace of Hernandez would make for an interesting alternative to Harry Kane. Christian Eriksen would thrive off the type of balls he could play in behind a back four for Hernandez to run on to, as would Kane if employed deeper.

Where Hernandez can struggle is as a lone striker. He struggles to hold up play and is ill-suited to games in which you’d want a striker to keep possession.

In the modern age that makes him something on an anomaly and it’s little wonder then that he seems accustomed to his role as a super-sub and doesn’t seem to expect regular football at United.

Would Hernandez be the perfect striker to add to the options at Tottenham? Watch his goals from last season on-loan at Real Madrid and let us know.



  1. I think Hernandez would be a great addition for Spurs, but what about Dzeko? Are City letting him leave? I think he is really excellent and we should go for him

  2. If Levy and Co can’t afford to sign a player like Hernandez, Dzeko or Benteke, a necessary step, among others, in order to make Spurs a top club why they are then involved with a club with the size of Spurs?
    Why they hold such a club hostage to their financial incapacity or/and unwillingness to match the clubs which once used to be the direct rivals of Spurs?
    The success of a football club of Spurs size and its owners can only be measured by the number of silverware won on the field.
    Levy and Co have contemn Spurs to play only a role as a sub top club because they are not ambitious at all with winning regularly silverware on the field and their main target is to achieve commercial success on the cheap with the club they own.

    • Are you some sort of stupid idiot…??? Do u actually support Spurs??/ Have u even been to a game????….We cannot compete with the Oligarch and Oil money of the top teams …certainly not until the stadium is bulit you thickmoron…a business has to be run like a business…we are not owned by a sheik thank god….considering ..we are doing well so STFU and pxssoff plastic Spurs supporter cxxt.

  3. Hernandez is the man for the job!!!!!! at that price for a class striker 26 years old big wages can be justified…yes he s small…yes he s mostly a sub…but he s a proven finisher…and more importantly an epl finisher…..besides , he s better than most of the passed around planks and wanna be s we keep getting linked with.

  4. Hernandez is a quality player but let’s get good business done.. Mccarthy, Moutinho, Yarmelenko, Adriano job done. It’s easy sitting here telling Poch what to do but these are realistic targets.


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