Emmanuel Adebayor was spotted at the Aston Villa training ground today and looks set to undergo a medical with the Birmingham club tomorrow.

Adebayor snubbed some late interest from Crystal Palace to reunite with Tim Sherwood and will sign on a one year loan deal that will see him through to the end of his contract. How much of Adebayor’s wages Villa will be paying, has yet to be revealed but the following stat shows how important it is to get at least a percentage off the budget.

The size of Adebayor’s salary explains why the club are biding their time to ensure he is gone before making a move for a replacement striker.

Saido Berahino looks the number one target, though West Brom felt the need to announce through social media that they have yet to receive a bid from Spurs.

Meanwhile, The Mirror claims that Adebayor’s departure will see Tottenham make a move for Manchester United’s Javier Hernandez.

There’s no reason why Spurs couldn’t end up with both strikers considering that Roberto Soldado is also the subject of interest from other clubs. What’s clear is that the next week or so we should see at least one new striker arriving at White Hart Lane.



  1. First Kane is a more all round striker
    Berahino as highlighted by reports that he can take on defences alone. Hernandes is typically a poacher a good one.
    Whether we get Berahino and/or Hernandes or Austin
    Get Berahino First.. as we may not want to have 2 poachers or 2 main strikers in Kane n Hernandes.
    Berahino can run at defences n Kane can also pick off Berahino’s runs.

  2. Austin is no way good enough for a top 5 club I’d love to see berahino McCarthy and bolasie if Lennon or townsand leave

  3. THFC need four strikers:
    The reason is this, we all saw how tired the whole team was in mid season with double training sceduals, club international and cup games but by having four strikers with the likes of berahino means that the practice and performance on and off the pitch also gives depth for the england squad and a new strike option for the england manager in the likes we haven’t seen since they paired up for the under 21s squad also having Hernandez a proven champions league international means that playing our international cup games in the EUFA cup means we would have a better chance of getting further maybe to the semi finals or finals this time without the tiredness we saw last season trevercing between domestic cups and international games now having a player like aubameyang on the team as well means we can realisticly fight for a champions league spot by teaming him up with Kane or Hernandez or both with three strikers up front in a 4-3-3- against teams like Chelsea man united or arsnel and Chelsea plus having all four gives the team depth pace possession a more positive attack as well as the ability to create two strong teams if need be for domestic cups league cups or a realistic chance to push for a chance to aim to win the league.
    That why we need four strikers because by mid season Tottenham could strengthen instead of weaken during the mid season by trevercing between strikers then we would only need to focus on strengthing the midfield with a proven champions league quality midfielder a tackeling and holding midfielder and a winger with pace and good goal scoring ability but this would mean that the management would have to put their hands in their pockets and pulling out cash in stead of the index finger when it comes to coughing up the cash because if you want quality you have to pay for it and be willing to never give up until you get it I just don’t know why pochento dosent go to south americe for talented players there hungry and dying to play and most of them are young speedy talented and gifted and you can get a lot of them cheap I say while the iron is still hot. Remember how Tevez was introduced to the English game remember what he did for westham and man united I think the time is now.

  4. Let’s find and produce the next maradonna, messi, Pele and keep them instead of selling them like we did with bale give the youth a chance at least give them a game this season at least for the experience because what’s the worse that could happen they get injured big whoop bones and bodies heal but what if they do well and what if they score in their daybeau that would Chang everything and the management would have to reconsider their policies on selection knowing that the youth team have just as much quality as the first team arsnel did it three seasons ago in cup and league games and won all of those games they played except two against Chelsea and Liverpool in the league cup games with a maximum of 7 youth b team members playing in a single game and rediscovered great talent that’d exactly how Everton discovered Rooney or how lukaku was discovered we have in our youth team talent in out youth team as good as them that haven’t had that door open for them on the international stage yet but its a matter of time maybe pitch will gamble on them this season and I he does they won’t let him down.

  5. When is Tottenham going to stop lending players to leagues below them seriously we need to start proadening our horizons and start easing the quality by loaning out youth player to international teams across the pond and maybe become the first the reason is this when you loan a player to l league below your own they come back unseasoned without the experience of their competitors then lack the ability to mentally compete psychologically which is another reason why the england team never does well in a world cup in this league we purchase more talented players than we export in business this would never work because of the price of import compared to the poor quality of home grown talent on the international stage.
    So why not be the first team to export talent so that when they are recalled they would be already seasoned and experienced on the international stage with experince our player could train at the new camp or with ac Milan fc Porto intermilan but upon their return would know how there competitors play and would be able to outsmart them on the defence and the attack I’m not saying send all out but one in three could be loaned for two seasons and in a youth team of 22 players that’s 7 players on loan that could potentially transform a team upon their return and rase their value and the performance for the team its food for thought 15 players that’s still 11 plus 4 sub’s and room to recurte more players to do it allover again. Its worth looking into… Instead of grooming players for the domestic stage you’re grooming players for the international stage ready to go and kick a ball in any country that’s how you build a teams infrastructure for the future for a champions league quality team then you couldn’t have to purchase any from abroad because they would already have the experience and quality that your looking for. Buff said…

    • Sorry for the spelling errors its typed on my mobile phone… But as long as the contends makes sence and you understand its OK …

  6. I know that one cannot believe a lot of what the press writes or speculates on.However the rumour that we are interested in Rickie Lambert wouldn’t surprise me as he would be a typical Levy buy.Where is the ambition the club was supposed to show?And the early transfer dealings MP promised during the close season.As far as I am concerned Trippier and Wimmer are only squad players and probable that Alli will go out on loan.Alderwereild is the only certain first team buy.We Spurs fans must be the most stupid ones being pulled along by constant lies.Go on Levy, go and prove me wrong and buy Berahino and McCarthy – we don’t need more and am not asking a lot.I won’t hold my breath as a leopard never changes his spots and am certain that Levy is hell bent on making a profit this transfer window for the umpteenth time.

  7. Don’t count your chickens; not certain by any means that we have seen the back of Ade yet.All that is bad about football is summed up by this awful mercenary.I know what I wish him in the future but cannot mention it in writing…..


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