Should Eric Dier play midfield for Spurs this season?

Should Eric Dier play midfield for Spurs this season?


Eric Dier has been playing in a defensive midfield role in Tottenham’s behind-closed-doors friendlies and has confirmed that he will continue in this new position in the MLS All-Star game tonight.

The question is whether this is a mere temporary solution or the first glimpse of something more permanent. Ryan Mason is currently injured and with the club having sold Etienne Capoue, Lewis Holtby, Paulinho and Benjamin Stambouli, the midfield area is lacking numbers.

With that in mind, this could just be a move that sees Dier plugging a gap, while also building his fitness. It’s unlikely that a new midfielder won’t be signed before the season starts, at which point Dier could drop back again.

Yet Mauricio Pochettino is sure to at least be making note of Dier’s performances and whether he has a future in the role. He impressed with his ability on the ball as a right-back last season and produced some fine deliveries from the flanks.

Physically he is built like a tank and would give the midfield some serious muscle. Does he have the legs to play there? Once he gets going Dier is reasonably fast, but he’s never going to be exactly zippy.

Dier’s performance is set to be the most interesting aspect of tonight’s friendly. Do you think he’s suited to the role?


  1. Sadly no he cannot play there possibly a one off but not every week.
    He needs to play C/H and learn how to mark people and not let them run
    off him and then he could be a proper player.I would think Tob

  2. Hell yes he’s a lot better than mason and he scored more goals from defence last season than mason it’s a no brainier …

  3. Nice article, although I take issue with one of your final points – Dier is among the fastest, if not the fastest player in the squad (statistically). As to whether he’d make a good DM, none of us have any idea – but he certainly has all the attributes to be a great one. The idea excites me, because he has potential to be a worldie in that position as well as CB, but we will have to see.

    While I admit it might not work, I do think that the people saying ‘definitely not starting 11’, ‘no, but Yedlin right wing’ and other sweeping statements based on absolutely nothing are probably the same lot who criticised Kane before last season. These are the same people who constantly moan that we haven’t signed a list of players they’ve never seen play but are good on Football Manager. Be reasonable!

  4. no not enough experience good squad player versatile good for bench really need to sign a rm/cm/St Townsend out rm shaquri cm a song St Hernandez.

  5. Definitely has the potential to succeed at that position. He has size, speed, and natural defensive qualities. Also has good touches and passing ability. Of course he will not be a finished product for a couple years but he is young, Why not give it a couple tries. He could end up being a similar player to Matic for Chelsea. Will take him over Mason in Center Mid.

  6. Fantastic potential and technically great Youth and lack of experience affect him at cb for now but as a dm not such an issue. I think its a great idea great passer, goal scorer and tackler…


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