Sol Campbell has annoyed Spurs fans again today with an interview in which he claims that he has no regrets over his controversial move to Arsenal in 2001.

We’re sure he doesn’t really but given the circumstances he could at least try to have a little self-awareness as to what he did wrong. Fortunately Barnaby Slater from SpurredOn has succinctly summed up how Tottenham supporters feel.



  1. This guy is a huge tosser.But sadly there are Gooners who behave just like him over Ashley Cole and RVP.To this clown and fellow Gooners GET OVER IT

  2. Just in case there was any lingering doubt, he tried to get nominated as a conservative candidate for London Mayor …and failed. What a cun* .

  3. What Campbell did to Spurs was far worse than what Cole or RVP did. He promised he was re-signing for Spurs. He said he would never sign for Arsenal. He cheated Spurs out of a £15m transfer fee in order to line his own pocket with Arsenals massive signing-on fee. Players leave clubs and Campbell had, at the time, more chance of trophies at Arsenal. But you make that move with at least some honesty and integroity and without pissing on the shirt that made your career. Its why we hate Campbell and always will.

  4. Bitter, bitter, bitter and completely wrong. Campbell’s reasons for moving were 100% correct. We have to accept, Arsenal were, are and will continue to be better than us for the foreseeable future. We just have to learn to accept we cannot compete with them anymore. And that’s the truth.

    • If people are bitter,then you are a moron,and not just a simple moron but a moron with medals attached,the captain of morons so to speak. If you can’t see what campbell did wrong then you have no place saying you’re a Spurs fan. He could have gone anywhere,to win medals as did Sheringham,and he left with most Spurs fans best wishes. However this odious excuse for a human being thought he’d stay on roughly the same patch and gloat at us,and we’re supposed to be the bad guys? do me a favour, this turncoat deserved everything he got. If you want rationality then train to become a psychiatrist and leave football well alone. Football does bring out the worst in people and with tossers like campbell fuelling the flames,then what do you expect?

    • That’s the Truth ? Listen Malcolm Gooner Man you think That lying Scumbag was right to LIE to us and Line his Pocket at our Expense after what we did for him do you Some People and especially you don’t know that when he first joined us he was playing as a striker and we converted him into a defender who went on to play for England he now Slags us off and tells people that he joined Arsenal because they were better than us and that we were Crap
      well I’d like to remind him that He was Part of that So called Crap and it seems you can’t appreciate Loyalty otherwise you wouldn’t come out with the Garbage you have come out with

    • Malcolm(you certainly sound like a Malcolm ) your a silly little c… Now fu.. Off and stop pretending your a normal human being and a Yid. Go back to smelling toilet seats at your local primary you f…… Nonce. Now do us real yids a favour and hold your breath for half an hour.

  5. He’ll try anything to stay relevant. Race, politics, football… you’re guaranteed some bullshit from him at least once a year.

    But here’s the thing; his epitaph won’t be about the trophies, the Invincibles or the England caps. It’ll be about the betrayal. The Great Betrayal. That’s his tombstone right there.

    And all the squirming on the hook and smoke n’ mirrors in the world isn’t going to change that.

  6. Playing word association with my 12 year old boy…Sol Campbell…without a seconds hesitation, the reply came…”Judas”….
    He also has zero class…..staving off obscurity by trying to be controversial and sound intelligent…he is neither. Obscurity is the best this piece of work can ever hope for!

    • Correct good sir. While we still moan, on and on and on about a player who left us years ago, its pathetic. In fact this season I am going to do something I never thought I am going to do in my 35 years of supporting Spurs and transfer my support to Arsenal, yes Arsenal.

      • You are as big a fake as Campbell is. No Spurs fan would ever switch to Arsenal……its like Jeremy Corbyn joining UKIP or Jeremy Clarkson joining weightwatchers.

      • Malcolm.. you are now posting under other names! Do you have a problem with admitting your an Arsenal fan? Agreeing with yourself, as another poster, shows how sad you are.

  7. I believe that Judas is seriously mental, delusional, retarded and lives in a dream world where he believe’s that he is the most important person ever to exist on the planet ever without any empathy towards any one else the selfish piece of s***, he has to be the most fucked up person i have ever come across in my life! he is nothing but a shameful excuse for a human being but somehow keeps popping up everywhere pretending he is important and coming out with insulting comments and bile racism accusing white people of this and that and he should be king of England and the world etc etc……do us a favour Judas and fuck off to somewhere like Australia so we don’t have to see your ugly mug or hear your poisonous mouth ever again! oh no you can’t leave you mums apron strings can you little man………..the fucker has had 14 years of abuse and threats and still hasn’t learn’t to shut up and respect people or say sorry to the Spurs fans in any way when he knew what damage he was doing by defecting to that red filth but still he carries on insulting? he is out of his mind and wants to be some kind of role model……..the bloke is a fucking retard mental case for sure.

  8. Manure offered us £20mthe summer before which was a lot back then but he assured Spurs he’d sit down at the end of the season and sign a contract. He even said as much with a few weeks to go. He wore the shirt til the end but he’d already agreed to join Woolwich. He’s a lying deceiving vacuous c**t.

  9. Pat Jennings went to the Arse and won cups- he is a Legend at WHL.
    Campbell said he would stay while lining up his massive payday behind the scenes.
    The lies, deceit and sheer greed is what still rankles years later.

  10. You’d probably describe me as an accepting Spurs fan one who can see both sides of the story, who loves everything about our great club.
    But SC is a polarising figure a headline seeker for all the worst reasons. His topic selection for comments highlights his mental attitude. Cutting to the core this bloke has got no balls. Didnt have the guts to look his fans in the eye and say what he is saying now. Yeah Arse were this and that, who GAF fair enough get on with it BUT have the guts to tell the truth and don’t lie to the people who supported you. Thats unforgivable and I believe he has no comparison, there is no one other than Judas who did what he did. People may say its just football move on…….but football IS a RELIGION it creates the same secular divisions. ….I wish I could just ignore him, but his comments reignite those feelings. I wish I could meet the C*** in the street……I’D arrest him for fraud.

  11. its like your bird cheating on you with your best mate, you don’t do it unless your a cunt, that man is a disgrace and always will be

  12. Although I am a gooner, Campbell is an embarassment. He joined us in a move that we thought was sneaky but a bit of a laugh. But as time went on we realised just how self-obsessed this guy is. Remember how he bottled out at half time in one game? Or ‘retired’ only to sign for Pompey? Or did the whole “is it cos I is black?” over the England captaincy? Then moaned about a £3000 mansion tax on his £10m house? And turned Tory (maybe they offered him a bigger fee?). I am a lifelong gooner but this bloke is a classless twat.

    • I appreciate your honesty . Campbell is the poster boy for unabashed greed . You lot would have paid a reasonable fee if he had been honest and said he wanted out . Instead he ran down his contract , which obviously freed up millions of pounds for an obscene signing bonus . Its not that he went to you lot. Its happened many times over the years . Its that he did it in a way that took money out of the club for himself , while he strung Spurs along . If he had asked for a transfer and said he wanted to go , he would have been booed for a while and it would be forgotten . Spurs would have gotten a fair fee and that would have been that . Instead he lied about his intentions in order to make money for himself . The constant ” me , me, me ” is nauseating . This guy is a narcissist who is addicted to attention and to money . His explanations focus solely on himself and he conveniently never addresses the question of why he didn’t do it honestly . Awful human being . England captain ? Please .

    • Well thought, I appreciate when people talk sense even though I’m a Spurs fan and don’t always agree with some Arsenal fans.

  13. The thing Campbell cannot grasp is the fact that football fans are unrealistic. We cannot live in the real world and just accept he made a career move. If we were able to accept these things we would never pay unrealistic prices to clubs and Sky to fuel our obsession with our teams. If we were able to be rational then that buffoon would have been on 100 grand a year not per week. You can’t have one scenario without the other. Oh and Malcolm SPURS fan…..You are obviously an Arse fan. It is as obvious a me calling myself Bob Gunner you think.

  14. Nothing Campbell has said is untrue. It was a big move for him, a progression and everything about Arsenal was better than Spurs at the time. The problem is what Campbell doesn’t say. He doesn’t say that this was a move totally motivated by money. He could have accepted a variety of offers from clubs in the previous year that would have given Spurs between £15 – £20, but chose to wait out his contract (lying to Spurs by saying he would re-sign) so that he could move on a Bosman. His first 4 year contract at Arsenal saw him earn the usual fooballer’s salary, plus the £15m that morally should have gone to Spurs. The most truthful part of Campbell’s quote is the very last words – “it was the best thing that I could have done for myself”. Yep it was Sol, it’s always been about you and your bank balance.

  15. What the guy says is true.. The bit about why he left Spurs to Arsenal.. They were better in every way. And your unbiased and fair oppinion? Lol. Another bunch of idiocy from yet another idiotic football fan. Get on your bike.

    • You can’t be that dense , can you ? Pat Jennings is a god at the Lane and he left for you lot too .So did Jimmy Robertson . Its got nothing to do with Arsenal . Its about lying to the club and to the supporters to fill his own pockets when he was club captain and Spurs had given him everything . This is between us and him and it has nothing to do with Arsenal . He stole 15 million for himself that belonged to the club and lied to make it happen .

  16. Lord Malcocunt are you a football supporter? or even know what this arsehole did? if you don’t understand don’t try to comment! this piece of work is the worst you can imagine….he would sell his own family for a profit! ask his brother! he sold his boyhood supporting club out for a big pay day to the enemy even though they are hated by the club he grew up at and dumped on us and disregarded the supporters and club that supported him throughout his career and then plays on it as if nothing happened and that it is all ok! what a fucking fuckwit he is.

  17. sol, i swear if you did this in turkey or greece to any of the clubs there, you wouldn’t be alive believe me the last player who did a shameful act of betrayal was found dead burnt to crisp as with others in that volatile part of the world…..and how i wished it was so you arrogant scumbag.

  18. Ledley king has a big happy family with high respects from everyone . That is something money can’t buy.

      • Ledley has only one.. but still has his honesty and soul, whilst Judas not only lied to us, said he was ‘Spurs through and through’, when engineering his move out but, also lied to Arsenal whilst doing the same thing a few years later by arranging, via his agent, a freebie to Pompey, whilst telling the Gooners he wanted to go abroad.

  19. His recent comments about himself and his life show delusion, self deception and egomania. How his wife endures it is beyond me as he is even more nauseating than Russel Brand.
    What I find so funny is that now Campbell is a nobody and no one cares about him, what he says and what he does or doesn’t do, including AFC supporters. IMO he is like something that you just trod on: you wipe it from your shoe without even looking at it although the disgust is obvious.

  20. Bonjour, Sol simply moved to a bigger team towin trophies, which he would never have won staying at a mid table team. He should be applauded for doing what the very large majority of every other person would do……

  21. A few points. Sol Campbell is a nasty person , snidy , chippy. A liar. However, under Bill Nich we were cheated out of European cup
    Won double etc. what annoys me is that we as a club let our standards drop so low that Campbell , Sheringham , Bale , Berba , Mod etc. Carricks a northerner felt they had to leave to win trophies. That should not have happened at a club like ours. None of others went to gooners. He knew what he was doing. Concerning race? Who doesnt like Chris Kamara ? When race is mentioned he has dignity & is a great character. Take a leaf Sol


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