Erik Lamela has been extremely poor for Tottenham this season and if rumours are to be believed, the club have decided to call time on the Argentine’s spell in England.

Italian journalist Gianluca Di Marzio has reported that Lamela will move back to Serie A with Inter Milan, who will pay a €6m loan fee with the option of making the transfer permanent for €14m.

Lamela has long been linked with a return to Italy and with Spurs heavily linked with a deal to sign winger Yannick Bolasie from Crystal Palace, it would be no surprise if the under-performing player was sacrificed.

Tottenham’s record signing has so far shown few signs that he is going to improve this season and as has been the case with fellow flops Paulinho and Roberto Soldado, cashing in now might be the most sensible option.



  1. Italians call Greeks the Jews of Mediterranean if they think Levy to allow a player cost him almost 33 million Euros 2 seasons ago to leave for 14 mil Euros I suggest they shoukd meet the Jews of N17 to go back and apologise to Greeks.If Lamela to leave it will be at Levys terms.Unless he receives 25 mil Euros Lamela won’t be going no where Besides Levy is not a type of guy who would agree a permanent transfer fee for a player beforehand.He will let him go on loan for a cool 6 mil euro loan fee plus players wages and that will be about it.Then let’s hope Lamela have a superb season with Inter 🙂

      • Idiot.

        Last time he played in Italy he scored about 15 league goals in 33 games playing wide. He hasn’t replicated that form here but there is no reason he won’t when back in familiar surroundings.

        • correct.. lamella is more suited to continental style football than the EPL, a mistake that should have been recognised by Levy & Baldini.. still wouldn’t stoop me from actually driving him to Italy myself just to get rid of…

    • Better watch this racist rubbish, bloody jews building the best stadium in Europe, bloody jews Redknapp didn’t win any of he’s last 10 games. Digiyid your a complete cock.

  2. He hasn’t been good enough for us to want him too stay but on the other hand, think he will be a super player in a few years and we could regret letting him go. If he does leave wouldn’t mind getting that Redmond lad in from Norwich, he looks quick, skill full and able to beat a man – exactly what we need.

    • he’ll be a super player in a few years time… only if he leaves the EPL as he just can’t get the time on the ball here.
      poor of Levy & Baldini to buy him for £30 mill anyway

  3. Levi let “Lemela” be Sold / Loan? For reasonable Fee; 14-16 Million + Add On’s – so we don’t have to watch him play in Spurs team ever again! Dembele; Although strong, lacks final touch in passing or scoring & Pritchard could play his position with better results…12-15 Million Pounds run to bank! Ade dump him for less than wanted 5 Million Pounds; 3-4 Million to balance $100.000 week Crazy weekly pay-check or he will continue to party! Lennon to Everton $5 Million Pounds;Townsend In Exchange for Southampton defensive half back Wanyama! Frazio W.B.A 5 Million ore less! Why not try to Buy Bony from Man City that keeps on bench,much better option than Over Rated Behinio! Yanick @ 20 Million from C-P paid $350K seems over-priced! Defense Bender, Rabiot great options in my opinion! Oh how I wish we could get great players from their prime, I watched as kid: Clif Jones / Terry Medwin / Jimmy Greaves / Mel Norman / Danny Blanchflower / Dave McKay, they played their hearts out every game…..thanks for the memories!
    Prefer giving our younger players chance than watching Over Rated losers!

  4. You bellends call yourself spurs fans? Where’s the loyalty for your players especially after 3 games? Why don’t you look at players like mason or Townsend. What exactly have they done? Mason is absolute shit and a waste of space in the team. And get rid of Dembele? He’s the most talented player we have if us00919841071561ed correct which he was under AVB. If anyone needs to go it’s pochettino! Piss poor manager has no tactical nous! Is he a manager or a fitness coach? You guys slate lamela when he’s being played in a system that does not suit him! Play him in a free role like we did with Gareth bale in his final season and see how he flourishes! And if you guys think lamela was poor last match what about chadli! He thinks he’s too good! And I said this last year Harry Kane a one season wonder! Even Soldado if we played the style that suited him he would be firing goals in! Poor management and team selection from levy and pochettino! Both need to leave! Starting line up GK lloris RB trippier CB vertonghen and alderwield LB Davies CM eriksen Dembele RW Lennon CAM lamela LW Clinton njie CF berahino (if we get him, would prefer llorente) this season if we don’t finish top 4 we will lose lloris vertonghen eriksen.. And don’t blame lamela

    • Davies is shit. Trippier is marginally better. Vertonghen is shit. Cllinton has never played in England. No Kane? Chadli scores goals Lennon doesn’t. Lamella has done nothing in 2 seasons why would a manager change a proven system to accommodate an unproven player?

      Only crap PL teams use 442 the 3 relegated teams plus the 5 teams above them. The system we use is used widely at the top clubs home and abroad.

      That line up would get trampled by any top side Eriksen cannot possibly play CM in a 442, he can’t / won’t tackle, is physically weak.

      • If you use ur brain it’s 4-2-3-1! Not a shitty 4-4-2. Eriksen can dictate play and that what we don’t have in this team! Still haven’t replaced modric! Vertonghen shit? He’s one of the best on his day.. Ok so why spend 30mil on a player if you aren’t going to utilise his strengths dipshit? Playing on the right wing Is completely different from playing right midfield where he is playing now. Not only that his work rate is awesome! Oh and rose is better than Davies? Rose has improved attacking wise but he is a lazy liability when it comes to tracking back which costs us in defence. You watch last match and see how much times chadli wasted the ball. Or infact what has Kane done so far? Pochettino had to go! We had the chance to sign shaqiri instead we are linked to players like Moses and bolasie. Until he leaves and mason is out of the team we ain’t making top 6 even!

        • Well you should’ve used correct positions for players then as the wide forwards in a 4231 are not named LW and RW. Yes Vertonghen is shit. He is slow, shit in the air easily out muscled, easily outpaced, can’t mark, can’t tackle, can’t head, can’t run. Looks good on the ball, can pass and can carry it. Those aren’t the primary attributes needed for a centre half. The Lamella fee is irrelevent he has shown NOTHING since coming to England that would suggest we should even consider a change in tactics to accomodate him. His fee is the only reason he is still getting minutes. 3 managers have struggled to get a tune out of him so my bets are on it being down to the player. Rose is head and shoulders above Davies. He is better going forward, he is better defensively, he is more agressive better aerially is about twice as fast Davies doesn’t have one attriubute that is equal to any of Rose’s. Davies has been shocking through pre season and in EVERY league game so far. He has made glaring errors in every game. Chadli isn’t perfect but he gets goals and assists which is what he is in the team to do. Lennon scored 26 goals in 267 league games and his end product is shocking Chadli has already scored 13 league goals in 61. So Kane scored 30+ goals last season but because he hasn’t got on the score sheet yet he should be replaced in a team by a player who scored 16 last season with about 8 pens? You are an idiot. What has Shaquiri actually done in football apart from ride the bench at Bayern and flop at inter who only signed him in Jan and were happy to offload him in Aug?

          I suspect you are a gooner troll.

    • Spurs will 100% not finish in the top 4 this season it is not a realistic target. Liverpool have spent £200m in 2 seasons, UTD about the same, and those are the teams we are closest to. We are miles behind the other top sides.

  5. Why sell lamela give the boy a chance only 3 games in and only started once! Kane hasn’t done nothing in three games he’s started! Mason needs to go he’s not premier league quality! Missing the days of Sandro and dembele in the middle

    • Lamella.. only three games..? not been watching spurs for the last two season’s then??
      anyone with eyes can see that the lad is suffering in this league & if he stays, he’s gonna become a scapegoat for a shit transfer policy & the fans will eventually destroy what is undoubtedly a talented young man..
      let him go back to Italy where he can develop into a decent continental player & put these past couple of seasons behind him.

  6. Comment:I think that lamela can improve if he stay at tottenham and this is my favourite line up:GK LLORIS RB WALKER CB VERTONGHEN CB KABOUL LB DAVIES CMF BENTALEB CMF CAPOUE RMF LENNON LMF ERIKSEN CAMF LAMELA CF KANE 4-2-3-1

    • spurs lover?? .. you’ve clearly been masturbating to the point of blindness.. either that of you’re just having a wind up.. or maybe you’re Arsen Wenger in disguise..

  7. ped please LOL It Armageddon time with some spurs supporters lol ” Typical lol , focusing on one player Erik Lamela as the fault to our slow start to the new season after 3 games in lol , bunch of jokers lol.

    none of the others just who have not yet hit there stride just Erik ok …………if you say so lol

    Yes he can improve ……….put fair not as this is the same bunch at one time were calling for gareth bale head before he become a top top player ……… they no best as usual.

  8. most of our great players came from ‘lowee clubs’. Ie Norman -Norwich, Roberts – Weymouth, Bale- Southampton , Harry Clarke- Lovells Athletic, Greaves/ Smith (real Chelsea, Mabbitt – Bristol Rovers etc Point is because Bolasie at Palace , Trippier Burnley doesnt mean they cant make us better

  9. Sometimes think Im looking at an Arsenal thread recently. A couple of less than favourable results and everyone looking for who they want to get rid of and hate forever.

    Wibd your necks in and get behind the team.

  10. I’m afraid the boo boys will continue to attack him not matter even if his form approves , they have got there scapegoat now , so early in the season and already there on his case but if he does go who will they target next I wonder ?

    I for one will for will back the kid not many of the first team have even hit form themselves and yet he gets in the neck for all three games lol .


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