Everton have reportedly bid £5m for Federico Fazio as they look to increase their central defensive options at a time when John Stones wants to leave the club.

While it is welcome that another club have come in for Fazio just days after his move to West Brom broke down – supposedly over personal terms – you wonder whether the Tottenham management will use this interest to help smooth negotiations with the Baggies to sign Saido Berahino.

West Brom are said to still be keen to bring Fazio to the Midlands. With the prospect of the Argentine moving elsewhere a real one, could Spurs find a compromise – such as supplementing his salary – in order to ensure that Fazio can join West Brom?

Tottenham look set to be preparing a third bid for Berahino in a transfer saga that looks likely to go to the wire. If Fazio can be used as leverage his spell at White Hart Lane won’t have been a complete waste of time.



  1. Really clutching at straws here mate. I don’t think Albion were overly keen on Fazio in the first place. Spurs have tried to use him as a bargaining chip, but you don’t use a chicken as a trade for a stalion and then value the chicken at 20% the value of the stallion do you? Bera will most probably be staying at the Albion unless United come in with an offer in the next 24 hours. No point in the money if you can’t spend it is there? And Jeremy Peace will be aware of that.
    Levy has mis-read the situation badly. He needs to come up with the asking price immediately or Spurs will have to rely on Kane for all the goals, which would be fantastic if he was scoring any at the present moment. Sorry, but despite all the guff over the last few months, blowing on the winds of the media, it’s becoming more apparent that Spurs, in particular Levy, didn’t have as much power as they thought they had.
    Truth is they never did. Berahino is on a comparitivley small wage. If he chooses to strike, he would be cutting off his nose bearing in mind that it’s a European Championships year. If he wants a move he will have to perform up to January and if he scores a load of goals who benefits from that? If he performs what do you think will happen to his value? He might even be offered better terms and accept while there’s nothing Levy can do about it. Where are Albions incentives to sell him cheap and/or late? What is the incentive of selling our best player below our asking price and accepting the ridiculus wage demands and valuation of one of your worst squad players as a makeweight? Levy thinks Peace is a mug.
    The fact is that the big sides don’t have to unsettle players to get them to join. We used to do that to Championship clubs, much to our shame, because we had to balance the books. After the money we tend to buy players for the asking price, like Chester or Rondon. No, the big clubs, they just pay more than thier parent club can afford to turn down. Mr Levy needs to ask himself, are Spurs a big club or are they just slightly better off than the Baggies?

    • I totally agree with you, I’m a Spurs fan and Levy seems to think he’s god of the transfer market, WBA don’t need to sell to raise funds. We should have been serious and gone straight in with 25 Million, like Kane he’s had one good season, but maybe both together they could get each other up and running again. But Levy needs to realise that Spurs are a big club in terms of history and are obviously on the fringes of being a current big club once again. I like WBA and hate Villa, I like Everton and hate Liverpool, because there’s empathy there considering us and the Arse. I hope we do get Berahino but Levy needs to respect the baggies and offer the right money for him.

      • Thank you for being level headed in your observations of the situation. Spurs are a big side and Levy needs to start acting like that is the case. Bera’s now unsettled and ‘unfollowing’ the Albion on social media, what a ridiculous age we live in. Would Astle, Regis, Francis or Lineker have done this back in the day? I would like to think that men were men then, rather than post-yuppie spank blankets.

  2. Top 4? Going on current form/ Levy ‘s pennypinching deals/ Poch’s boring going nowhere formation ,more like bottom 4 .
    Get it together Spurs and quick! Coys!!


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