It finished 0-0 at White Hart Lane with neither Tottenham or Everton able to make a breakthrough. The hosts were the better side but were made to rue missed chances, particularly in a dominant second half.

Harry Kane misses a good chance in the first half. He was put through by Ryan Mason but his low shot was stopped by the impressive Tim Howard.

Eric Dier was superb in central midfield and Dele Alli impressed off the bench, replacing the injured Mousa Dembele.

The referee came under a lot of criticism for a series of questionable decisions. I didn’t think he did too badly but he was keen to blow his whistle for just about every challenge, breaking up the play during an exciting period of the match, which was frustrating.

Social media was full of differing opinions after the game – some positive, some negative. Here’s the best of the post match tweets.



  1. Our finishing is awful; Kane as a 1season wonder springs to mind.Alli must start.Still hoping for more striking power but what is the point if MP won’t play the new signings.Afraid he is doing exactly like AVB and will end up the same way…..

  2. True mate,

    the only park lane that Christmas Turkey has been to is the one with all the car showrooms on it …….prob stood rapping with his mates & bleeting about hard done by he is…….

    Batty man?.. Charles you are lucky we are not in a different time buddy , I’d have hunted you down on horse back & removed your midget head.

    • Yeah come to then battyman, come find me boy, Adams Street Broadwater Farm, ask for Prince Charles. Your messing with African power.

  3. What do you guys think about signing Axel Witsel? Although he’s another Belgian his profile, stats look pretty good for our midfield. Strong, pacey and attack minded. Being he currently plays for Zent St. Petersburg he could be a bit pricey. Says he likes playing along side Hulk but I think we should save him from the association with old what’s his name. Can’t bring myself to write or say his name. It reminds me of Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlej…… Lol


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