Spurs fans were left disappointed tonight as the club failed to strike a deal with West Brom to sign Saido Berahino.

No one was more gutted than Berahino himself who complained about the way he’d been treated and claimed that he would not play for the club again.

Tottenham now find themselves short of cover for Harry Kane and the supporters are not happy, especially with the way chairman Daniel Levy dealt with the negotiations. Here’s how they reacted on Twitter.



  1. Have we effectively consigned ourselves to the departure of Eriksen and Lloris next summer through this glaringly poor transfer window? So we’ve shored up the defence (potentially) with the arrival of Toby and Trippier, but that’s about it. The squad looks paper thin and we’re an injury to Kane away from disaster.
    When we (inevitably) miss out on top 4 next season, how is Levy going to convince our better players than WHL is the place to ply their trade? Because there might be a new stadium in 2-3 years…yeah, that’ll keep ’em!
    Nice one Daniel!

  2. Levy where was the back up , I think both parties are to blame a bit.West bromide how much do you really think your players worth .Seriously we were over paying at 20 million .We should of put offers in early .Then if they still didn’t sell.Then look elsewhere Charlie Austin .Why assume that we had the deal levy.

  3. It’s about time Spurs fans realized that this has been happening time after time. Levy had done the same thing he always does in every single window but the Bale window where he wasted £100 million yet he wouldn’t pay the extra £2 million for Berahino. I’ll tell you why this always happens. Levy is a master at disguising the fact he isn’t really interested in buying good players for the team he’s happy shopping in the bargain basement. So what he does he goes through the motions of trying to buy these players but always falls short so the selling club just won’t sell at his piss taking price and so he gets out of the deal. Over the years how many times has he supposedly gone in for a player and come away with nothing?

    Levy is just about balancing the books to please Joe Lewis. Joe Lewis has never had to invest any of his own money like other owners do. No its all done by Levy selling our best players and bringing in inferior ones and we are the mugs that think every year we are going to make top four this season.

    It’s never going to happen, it’s impossible under Levy. He never buys a player the team needs. All the higher price players are bought with a profit in mind and when they get to super stardom he sells them which wouldn’t be bad but he buys cheaper players who are nowhere near as good and so we start all over again. He doesn’t have to sell anyone under contract. Just look at the way he operates in the transfer window always leaving it late. He loves doing that because everyone is talking about him. When things go wrong do you ever hear from him?

    • You’re exactly right. It’s very difficult to not feel jaded and cynical. I’m afraid THFC will never succeed under Levy’s stewardship.

  4. We’re a laughing stock & destined for mid-table. How many years have we been crying out for a decent or at least half decent selection of strikers? Levy always does this – his idiotic brinkmanship has spectacularly backfired yet again. Presumably he was confident of doing the deal on the last day otherwise there would have been a plan ‘B’. Such poor judgement, it’s no secret that Peace is true to his word & don’t know how clearer the message needed to be that unless the asking price – or somewhere reasonably near came in they wouldn’t sell. Can’t blame WBA for this fiasco – they didn’t need to sell & why should they – just because the mighty Spurs came in for him? At least we still have Ade…………

  5. This whole transfer has been a disaster. My initial reaction was that SB overpriced as still very young, but when you consider other transfer fees, my not. The reality is if you want the player enough you either pay what is asked or walk away. For Spurs, I felt it was not just the cost of buying SB, but the cost of not buying him, as need support for Harry and also back up, in case of injury. Also felt it important to keep the pressure of Harry, by sharing the load. End result no player and I agree with other comments that it may make it difficult to retain players next season, if they do not feel the squad is strong enough to achive and by getting into top 4. I know Daniel is a Spurs fan and does a lot for the club, but hardball and last minute signings are not always the best way. Surely Spurs should have indentified key players to sign and them ASAP when transfer window opens, as this also gives time to train and get used to tactics? In this case I would have hoped we would have been much higher in the league, not helping to prop it up!

  6. Everyone on here is complaining about the fact we didn’t land a striker which I do agree with but what has enraged me is that we sold four Central midfielders and failed to get a replacement we now have a squad without a single defensive midfielder it’s outrageous after watching d first 3 games of the season it’s clear we desperately needed one a complete joke levy obviously hasn’t a clue what we need and is always gonna go for the cheap options we will suffer this season and he will sack yet another head coach and we will be still left with our biggest problem Daniel levy

  7. Some of our fans are crazy! They keep blaming Levy and the management for Spurs’s “failure” to achieve Champions League qualification. Have they not forgotten which teams are above us and how much they have spent? Do they not recognise that we have done very well with what we have in terms of resources?

    The fans who say that Levy is cheap and loves to bargain hunt are the same ones who slam him for “wasting” the Bale money. Hello?? If Levy was really cheap, he would have saved at least half the Bale money. Instead, he spent it on players who come with big reputations who he thought could bring Spurs to greater heights. If Levy was so cheap, would he have spent 30m on Lamela, 26m on Soldado and 16m on Paulinho, etc?? Unfortunately, these players – for whatever reason – did not work out for us. But you can’t accuse Levy of being cheap or only interested in making money for the club. Remember also, it was Bale and Modric who wanted to leave. And Berbatov and Carrick too. We didnt want to sell them.

    Pay West Brom what they want? Who does business this way? 20 quid for a burger? Sure, I’ll take it. SB is certainly a talent but over one season so far; and anything over 20m is very good value for SB.

    No incoming forwards? What about Son and Njie? Have you seen Son play? And what makes you think that SB is the God’s answer to strikers? What if we spent 25m on him and he turns out to be like Soldado? Would you blame Levy for “wasting” 25m on a one season wonder??

    Call Levy what you want. But with the multi-million dollar redevelopment of our stadium and the amount of money that Spurs have spent on players over the years, don’t call him cheap.

    • Okay, if he’s not cheap, then he’s ineffective, uninspiring, and relatively unsuccessful. He’s the one at the top, and the buck stops with him. His mismanagement could trigger the beginning of a vicious spiral downward for the team. You know it, and I know it.

  8. Spot on Up the spurs. Dont think he is cheap. Think he should have spent that one January when we were under redknap and looked like we could win the league. Anyhow, I think our squad is stronger though. We may have sold Paulhino, lennon and Capoue but these were guys under performing. Dier has been brilliant playing defensive midfield. Definitely not the reason why we havent won this season. Its up to the manager to get Ade’s mind and commitment back. If he comes back and plays like he did when he was loaned to us he would be awesome. Make no mistake about it, Son is a big buy.

  9. Levy doesn’t understand that a deal is only done if it is good for both parties. He is cheap and his style alienates him so that other Chairmen won’t deal with him. Levy’s ” let’s screw them” attitude is so obvious. Last minute negotiations are dangerous and unprofessional, although Levy is not alone there. Levy should go, but he will cling on til he’s sacked everyone else.


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