Could it really be happening? Emmanuel Adebayor is said to have held talks with the West Ham manager Slaven Bilic last night.

A loan seems more likely than a permanent transfer and given that it’s Adebayor, we also can’t rule out him turning down the move to sit out his contract.

Meanwhile, there have been claims that a £15m Spurs bid for Cheikhou Kouyate has been turned down by West Ham.

The midfielder has not been linked with a move to White Hart Lane. Does it mean that the club have accepted that their pursuit of Victor Wanyama will not come off?



  1. WHUFC no intention to take him off your hands – just winding Levy up and making sure he gets left with (another) lame duck for the season (another £5million in wages down the drain!). PS thanks for all your contributions via tax to our new stadium!

  2. Overinflated opinion of themselves will never stop though.
    They think they only buy youngsters so they can have a future of superstars but once they’re superstars Levy sells and buys more youngsters (not good enough for Champs league or someone wlse would buy) and keep them until they can sell for more. If not then they get a bit back or leave them on the bench. They would be better buying cheaper older players who are better (eg Payet or Cabaye) as they will have them longer than the youngsters they buy anyway.
    If Kane turns out to not be a 1 season wonder and Spurs don’t make Champs league (unlikely) then he’ll go next summer and Spurs will replace him with new young players who are not as good.
    Levy is very clever but for the boards pockets not for the Spurs fans!

  3. Why your at it downing THFC , think about what you’ve achieved (Spammers)in your history, use more than one postage stamp sized piece of paper if your feeling really OTT ! Next …..

    • Haha typical reasoned spud argument
      Go back to the playground fella
      Be really surprised if any of you could take a reasoned view of why you’ve sent so much money and achieved absolutely nothing with it. Team of three last year and the most important was the goalkeeper, without him you would have dropped deeper and deeper as the season progressed and Kane wouldn’t have had the opportunity to score the goals which in the end gave you a false final position in the league.
      Hang on what am I doing …. Yeah my dads bigger than yours ( more your level )

  4. Different people like different things. Personally I like the here and now. You lot winning a few big games years ago can’t get you excited in current day.
    Current day is Spurs now going for Tiote lol. He might be free though as he can’t even get in Newcastles team, behind mighty players such as Colback!


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