The Guardian today ran a feature on the top 20 emerging talents in the Premier League – picking one youngster from each club – and they’ve ranked a Spurs youngster as the hottest prospect.

The players were all born between 1st September 1998 and 31st August 1999, with the age-band being known as ‘first-year scholars’.

Tottenham’s Marcus Edwards has been rated as the number one talent in the country. The attacking playmaker was one of the stars of the U17 European Championship and his recently featured for Spurs’ U21 side.

We all know that not every ‘wonderkid’ becomes a star but in Edwards Tottenham have a talent with every chance of making it to the very top. Watch The Guardian’s top ten first-year scholars below.



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  1. Marcus Edwards is a prodigious talent. He has a creativity and technical awareness seldom seen in a British player. Reminds me of John Barnes.

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