You might think that there’s not much debate to be had when it comes to picking a team to face Aston Villa, considering that Spurs beat Bournemouth 5-1 in their last match.

Two factors muddle things. Firstly, Tottenham have to play three games in seven days, with the visit from Villa followed by a home Europa League clash with Anderlecht, before the North London derby on Sunday.

Secondly, Ryan Mason is back from injury and available for selection, putting him in contention with Dele Alli and Mousa Dembele for a spot in the team.

Dembele has impressed of late and should start away at Arsenal, where his ball retention skills will be useful. Mason’s passing ability will probably be best utilised against Anderlecht, where Spurs will need to break down a well-organised side who beat them in Belgium.

So Dembele plays against Villa, with Mason ready to step in if they prove difficult to break down. Here’s our team to face Aston Villa, what’s yours?



  1. Which ever Tottenham side starts it’s imperative our team goes out to destroy Villa offensively and defends against with all of their heart because Villa will be there to destroy our hopes. Tottenham must not be complacent. This match is not a day out or a training excercise. It is a vital they take this opportunity to refine their talents going into the next series of matches. A comprehensive performance against Villa could help propel a real belief, trust and confidence as well as providing the inspiration that motivates a team.

  2. Agree with the line up but would swap Eriksen and Dembele and Eriksen in the middle where he should have a bigger impact. He also lacks defensively, can’t tackle and won’t protect the left back as much as the more physical Dembele would.

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