Spurs fans everywhere are pretty much agreed that our beloved side are playing like champions right now. We could be accused of bias, but for the fact that the stats back this belief up.

Over the past 19 games in the Premier League – a sizeable number of matches, totalling half a season – it is Tottenham that come out on top.

Mauricio Pochettino’s side are tied with Leicester on 39 points, with a far superior goal difference of +23.

Spurs are two points clear of Arsenal over this period and have a surprising seven points more than Manchester City.

Back in the real world, with points to make up on Leicester, Manchester City and Arsenal, it is up to Tottenham to hold their nerve and hope that their rivals stumble.




  1. What are the team doing in Barcelona, Just as they are making a positive mark on top four.
    All a bit strange to me, they should be resting and light training , and ( Jan on crutches )
    And i hope they dont eat any LASAGNE while they are there. (coys )


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