Mauricio Pochettino rarely tinkers with his formation, so it says much about the quality of Watford that the Spurs manager felt the need to change his defensive system for the match at Vicarage Road earlier this season.

Tottenham played with three at the back and eventually pulled off a vital 2-1 win. With Watford set to play at White Hart Lane tomorrow, will Pochettino revert to the tactics that served his team well in the away fixture?

TalkingTottenhamTactics are on hand to examine that possibility in their latest match preview. Watch below.



  1. Come to think of it, I think I’d play the same formation we did when we plated them at Vicarage Road with three centre backs. That should help Wimmer settle a bit more and take care of their two strikers that have been on good form this season.

  2. I think we should go all out and bench/rest Dier for this one.


    If they come to us with 2 strikers, we should punish them for that.

    3-0 COYS

  3. We played with 3 cb’s and Aghalo still scored. They were down to 10 men and still looked the better team until we scored on a counter attack to win it at the death. We had Verts playing on the left of the 3 who is used to playing as a lb so it was not too big a change for him. I think it is too big of an ask to expect Wimmer to be able to do the same in only his 2nd premier start. Go with how we normally play, with Dier doing a marking job on Deeney who often comes short or wide to flick on or pick up balls. We will need Dembele to be on his toes because there game plan will be to move Dier out of the middle and attack the space created. Capoue has been instrumental in this with his non stop running through the middle. Watch out for him becoming the extra man to overload our left back on the day. And for gods sake, leave at least 1 man forward when they have a corner. We didn’t last time and the ball just kept coming back at us.


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