Spurs fans need little convincing that our former striker Teddy Sheringham is a legend, but with a recent admission he’s added to his already lofty reputation.

Sheringham was recently sacked as manager as Stevenage and the job obviously got under his skin, as the England international has revealed that he turned up at their next match in disguise.

“I got the sack on the Monday and Stevenage were playing at home and I wanted to see how they reacted to my sacking, so I went to the game on the Saturday incognito.

“I went in disguise, put it that way. I wanted to see what the reaction of the players and supporters would be. I just wanted to get a vibe of how things were.

“I’m still concerned, I don’t want to see Stevenage relegated. Was there something I wasn’t doing, was something better with me not there?”

Having spent so long outside of football since his retirement, it seems that Sheringham has developed a thirst for management, but admits that he might struggle to get another job.

“If I can’t do it at Stevenage in League Two, who else is going to touch me – that was my initial reaction and my apprehension about taking the job in the first place.

“But it is about learning and growing, and I feel better equipped now. If I get a chance now, I don’t have to make those mistakes.”

Let’s hope that Teddy gets another opportunity to prove himself, either as a manager or coach, because this Tottenham legend who displayed such intelligence on the pitch, surely has much to give back to the game.



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