Arsenal legend picks Top Four XI, omits league’s best defenders

Arsenal legend picks Top Four XI, omits league’s best defenders


When a pundit is too closely identified with their former club, they run the risk of being accused of bias.

Sometimes such accusations are without merit, while on other occasions you suspect something is afoot. Today has provided us with one of those moments.

Thierry Henry was asked to pick a combined XI from the current top four and the Arsenal legend has upset Spurs fans by only picking one of our players.

It seems fair enough that Harry Kane should be left out in favour of the Premier League’s top scorer Jamie Vardy and it’s best player in Sergio Aguero. Harsh but fair.

In midfield, Eric Dier and Mousa Dembele have had great seasons but can’t complain too much when omitted for the likes of Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil and the Leicester duo of N’Golo Kante and Riyad Mahrez, who line up alongside our own Dele Alli in a four-man midfield.

Yet when it comes to the defence it’s hard to see where Henry is coming from with his selection. His back four and goalkeeper is comprised of three Arsenal players and two Leicester defenders, despite the fact that it is Spurs who have conceded the least goals in the Premier League.

Arsenal have let in three more goals than Hugo Lloris and the defence ahead of him, while Leicester have conceded an extra eight. Somehow though, Henry thinks that Robert Huth is a better defender than Toby Alderweireld… OK mate.

Here’s Henry’s ludicrously biased XI. Who would you level-headed and fair-minded Spurs fans, have in your Top Four XI?



  1. Classic Henry. What a twat. Koscielny is so overated. And this obsession with bellerin is pathetic. Suprised he hasn’t put wilshere over alli and giroud ahead of vardy.

  2. What a load of BS, how can he be that biased and think it will go unnoticed, or maybe he doesn’t give a shit because he knows that the simple minded gooners will be happy with his version, even though they will know it’s bollocks. I would still have Kane over Vardy because Kane is the more complete striker, he can hold up better than Vardy and has a better head than Vardy. Also, Vardy relies on the over the top ball far too often, it’s working for Leicester at the moment, but the team the muppet Henry has picked wouldn’t play that way.

    As for the midfield, I would still have Dembele in there and the defence and keeper is a mental choice, it should without a doubt, be the whole of the Spurs defence. Cech is a good keeper, but he’s still let in a ton more than Lloris has so it’s a no brainer. Just goes to show how much bias is still out there when it comes to Spurs. Grow up Henry.


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