Emmanuel Adebayor has never been afraid to stir things up and the former Spurs striker has done just that ahead of his visit to White Hart Lane with his new side Crystal Palace.

Like many players ahead of a match, Adebayor took to social media to give his pre-game thoughts. His comments on his Instagram account were pretty bland, but the content of one of his hashtags raised some eyebrows.

Fifth on the list of Adebayor’s eleven hashtags was #GoodOverEvil. We’re not sure if this is a comment on Tottenham, or merely a reflection of his own perception of himself (we assume he would see himself as the goodie in this scenario).

A quick peruse of some of the other hashtags employed by Adebayor will illicit some chuckles amongst Tottenham fans. Yes, we’re talking about #WorkMode, #Determination and especially #KeepMoving – something Adebayor rarely did during his last few months at the club.



  1. Evil? absolutely not, evil requires intelligence, cunning and a certain charismatic quality-Adebayor, is nothing but a self centred ignorant parasite, abusing his talent and whoring his body. A pimpless Prostitute would be a far better term for him

    • I wouldn’t call him a prostitute, he’s more of an attention whore.
      This is the guy who claimed his mother put a voodoo curse on him, and his brother had tried to rob him at knife point.


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