The Daily Mail have claimed that Spurs are in negotiations with Nike as the American sportswear giants look to become the club’s new kit manufacturer.

It’s thought that Daniel Levy is looking for a yearly fee in excess of the £30m a season deal that Chelsea have in place with Adidas and Arsenal hold with Puma, as he leverages Tottenham’s likely involvement in the Champions League.

The current manufacturers Under Armour pay £10m a year, with their contract expiring at the end of next season. It’s a figure dwarfed by Spurs’ London rivals and Manchester United’s £75m a year deal.

A mock up of a Tottenham kit by Nike is already doing the rounds. Do you fancy the side wearing this little number in 2017?




  1. Not really a fan of Nike kits. Actually think Under Armour (despite being a bit of a wild card) have made some really good kits for us. 30m is 30m though.

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  3. You can buy a kit then if it’s free money , blimey you must be so rich , imagine if you had a job you would be able to buy your kids a kit too

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  4. Nike’s kits are always generic though. They use the same designs for loads of clubs. I love that we are the only club who under armour supply as our kits are unique to us.

  5. Charles is probably son BF stirrer, I wouldnt bother biting back at an idiot. Kits are cool, I think the AIS looks better in Navy …

  6. I don’t know why people bother to send these mock ups around. For one it hasn’t been confirmed that we will get Nike as our kit maker. Two, AIA is a red sponsor and as much as I hate this, the image of the sponsor on the shirt is wrong and three, there is absolutely no shred of evidence that tells us our kit will follow that particular design. Yep, it looks lovely but it won’t be anything like that.

  7. Yes I like this design very much as long as the players don`t button the shirt right up tight to the neck hate it that way just leave the top button opened only one button mind you . .

  8. I’d love our kit to be Nike. Wanted this to happen for years. A navy collar on a white shirt would look the business.

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