The away support from travelling Tottenham fans has been tremendous this season and they received another plaudit this weekend after their match with Liverpool.

A Liverpool fan who was at Anfield took the time to praise Tottenham supporters on The Guardian’s comment section and it’s an insight into the unique atmosphere they create.

With Spurs fighting it out for the title the team need the fans to fully throw their support behind them and according to this Anfield regular, that’s just what they’re doing.



  1. Good for the Spurs fans. Most teams fans are OK, clearly they support their team and occasionally have a jab at the other team–hopefully humourous and witty. The trouble is when you get supporters who have another agenda like the West Ham fans mimicking the sound of gas chambers that is when any semblance of decency disappears.

  2. We came across brilliantly on the TV. So proud of our supporters.

    Unlike the dreary ‘England band’, with their depressing, tuneless parps. Wish I could vote them out but they foisted themselves on England supporters and there is no way to get rid of them.

  3. Spurs fans are brilliant. As a fan from the late 50’s can the fans also resurrect the old ‘ glory glory hallelujah and the Spurs go marching on. That was super in our 60s european campaigns. Keep Poch and present 1st team, buy 2 more plus Wilks, Pritchard and CVC and the Spurs will go marching on.


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