Most Spurs fans would agree that there are few more entertaining things to do than to watch Arsenal Fan TV after our rivals lose a game.

Amongst their regular cast of contributors, a middle-aged chap named Claude stands out as the most rational. Yes, he rants like a lunatic most of the time, but that’s only because he is cursed by the fact that he can see the truth of what Arsenal have become.

Claude also sees the truth about Spurs. He predicted that Tottenham would be title challengers back in November after the 1-1 draw in the North London derby at the Emirates, at a time when most Spurs fans were still sceptical of our chances of finishing in the top four.

Following Arsenal’s 2-0 win over West Brom in midweek, Claude went one better and claimed that Spurs deserved to win the league having proved themselves to be the best team in the country. Watch the wonderful moment below, as the braying crowd of Gooners’ surrounding Claude have to listen to the hurtful words of the only man in N7 who can handle the truth.



  1. lol u lot are embaressing… 21 years you finish behind arsenal and you post stuff like this. Thats why your such a small club with no class, I wouldnt be bragging if i finish behind my rivals 21 years in a row. 21!!!!!!

    • How you have the nerve to post something like that is beyond me, you have to brag about finishing above us each season because you have nothing else to brag about. You qualify for the CL 17 years running and have never come close to winning it, how THAT’s embarrassing.

  2. You arsenal mug.I’ll tell you whats embarrassing you’re muggie two bob fans not turning up to support ya team that would never happen at white Hart Lane. Proper team proper fans how you mugs must hate us.haha. Coys

  3. Why argue with a gooner. More relevant is the fact he wanted to come to aspire chat site. Did any of you realise Dennis berglamp has openly admitted being a huge spurs fan whilst still playing for them. Hense why he had a contract clause stipulating he’d only play a derby if noone else was available

  4. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, Arsenal can still finish above Spurs. Start bragging once the outcome is final so noone looks like a mug.


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