Mauricio Pochettino pulled no punches when dissecting his Tottenham team’s embarrassing 5-1 defeat to relegated Newcastle yesterday.

Needing only a point to guarantee second place in the Premier League, Spurs were somehow thrashed by a relegated team that were down to ten men for much of the second-half.

Pochettino tore into his team in his press conference after the match, apologising to both the supporters and the families of the Tottenham squad. He was also less than diplomatic when quizzed as to whether the nature of this defeat would influence his transfer plans this summer.

Watch the full press conference below.



  1. Can’t for the life of me understand why Rose was dropped( surely he wasn’t being rested for next season) and Mason started; people rave about the potential of Harry Winks,yet he never gets game time even from the bench so how can he be judged when one never gets a glimpse of him?Re. Transfers, I won’t hold my breath?Too many big clubs are looking to purchase too few good players, which will inflate the price which we all know is something Daniel Levy doesn’t like.Also trading will have to be done quickly and early in the transfer window and we also know that Daniel Levy does not like being rushed into things…Let’t wait and hopefully see something….


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