Reports from Germany claim that Spurs are one of two clubs interested in signing Mario Gotze from Bayern Munich.

Bild have reported that Tottenham and Borussia Dortmund lead the way to sign Gotze, who has told colleagues in the Germany squad that he will be leaving Munich this summer.

They claim that while a return to Dortmund is possible, the likelier scenario is that Gotze will move to White Hart Lane, with Spurs having made contact with Gotze in the last few days.

So could there be any truth in these rumours? The club are certainly looking to recruit an attacking midfielder but Gotze is in a different league to some of the names that have been mentioned such as Georginio Wijnaldum.

That said, with Newcastle valuing Wijnaldum at £25m, perhaps it would make sense to spend a bit more to land a player who scored the winning goal in the 2014 World Cup final.

Still only 24-years old, Gotze moved to Bayern in a £31.5m move back in 2013. Though his time at Munich has not been a huge success, it’s likely that his valuation will have increased a little since then – especially if it’s an English club that makes an enquiry.

Tottenham would have to break their transfer record to land Gotze, but with the club yet to unload anyone this summer the money could be raised. The likes of Nabil Bentaleb, Nacer Chadli, Federico Fazio, Ryan Mason and DeAndre Yedlin have been linked with moves away and could help to finance any deal for Gotze.

The major problem would seem to be paying Gotze’s salary. He is said to earn €140,000-a-week at Bayern. Just to match that would make him the highest player at the club and our senior stars such as Hugo Lloris would surely be looking for a similar figure when it came to their own contract negotiations.

Signing Gotze – as wonderful an idea as it is – would mean that the club would have to change the tight wage structure of recent years. At a time when a new stadium is being built, you have to question how realistic that is. Fingers are tightly crossed but we don’t recommend that anyone should hold their breath on this one.



  1. Can’t see how his valuation will have increased from £31.5m, he’s not had a good time for club or country since that move and he only has a year left on his contract.

    I agree with the wage part though and for that reason I thinks its juts paper talk.

  2. Valuations aren’t all about performance being that we are a epl team and epl teams generate so much more money than the other leagues they automatically are expected to pay more than most teams plus gotze is in his prime and he is playing for a world class club these things will all likely add to his fee but I can’t see it being much higher than that 31 mil they paid in 2013 with only one year left however it is highly unlikely that Byern will allow that to away there stance much as they could get gotze or just about anyone to sign a new contract if that’s the path they decide to go but regardless spurs have time and time again refused to restructure there team salary so I can hardly see them doing it now with the new facilities being built and that’s even assuming they would be willing to shell out the 30 mil it would likely take to sign him so on a scale of 1 to 10 if rate it at -‘a 3 in the likelihood to happen department but that’s 3 higher than the likelihood of us signing 45 million dollar Julian drexler from Wolfsburg

  3. Now that Mourinho has become Man Utd Manager I imagine some players there could be on their way out , if we’re looking for an attacking midfielder why not sound them out about Mata or Schneiderlin ? The latter may relish the chance to join up with his old boss ….

  4. About a quarter of this is good writing but anyway.. he isn’t in a complete different feild. He has a long way to go. In terms of progressing. Hasnt been shining for a while now. And poch is the man to get him there. We should go for him. He wont ruin the togetherness of our squad. He hasnt got a big head either.

  5. Actually most of the players at United under Van Gaal had a poor season , new n established compared to what United are used to n what we know these players are capable of , Schneiderlin proved at Southampton what a good box to box player he was n also had a fair tally of goals , enough to persuade Man U to buy him in the first place . Mata also showed at Chelsea before Mourinho returned what a good player he was , I believe Poch would get the best out of either of these players n they gave Premier League experience n by the sound of it a much cheaper alternative to Gotze in both fees n salary


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