The sight of a distraught Hugo Lloris after France lost the Euro 2016 final to Portugal, was a heartbreaking one for Spurs fans.

Under normal circumstances supporters could take to Twitter to offer our player some support, but Lloris is far too much of a grown-up to spend his days detailing his every thought in 140-characters.

So with no line of contact to Hugo available, fans instead decided to bother his wife Marine instead. Hopefully she’ll have thrust these messages under his nose this morning to cheer him up and have him looking forward to a new season at Tottenham.



  1. Sometimes its not to be. One door close..another Door opens. We also pine fir d French people..n nation.
    Hugo..U still have another Family with Spurs n its WORLDWIDE FANS. WE WELLCOME U BACK.
    One 4 all…All 4 One.


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