It’s been a very painful process for many, but it seems nearly over and we can now look forward to three very special nights. Yes, Tottenham have all but sold out Wembley Stadium for our Champions League group games.

We’ve learned a couple of things along the way. The first is that the club really need to invest in some new kind of ticketing process, in order to avoid a repeat of the lengthy wait that many fans had to endure, before securing their seats.

The second it that our supporter-base runs very deep and that we will have absolutely no problem filling our shiny new stadium, once built. Here’s how fans reacted on Twitter to the prospect of a Wembley Stadium full to the rafters with Spurs supporters.



  1. Already it’s obvious that 61,000 new stadium capacity isn’t going to be big enough. We should be expanding to at least 65 to 70,000 capacity.


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