Tottenham are interested in signing Germany international Max Meyer before tonight’s transfer deadline, according to German newspaper Kicker.

The Schalke midfielder recently scored for Germany in the Olympics football final against Brazil, where he captained his nation to a silver medal.

Spurs have already done business with Schalke this summer, agreeing to loan Nabil Bentaleb to the Bundesliga club. Schalke also signed ex-Tottenham midfielder Benjamin Stambouli earlier this month.

Meyer, 20, has made 95 appearances for Schalke, scoring 16 goals.

According to the report, Schalke could ask for up to £38 million for Meyer. Given that Spurs balked at Newcastle’s £30 million valuation of Moussa Sissoko, it’s unlikely the club will sanction another big money move.

But Meyer has age on his side. It’s possible Tottenham are willing to spend big on a player with re-sale value. They were perhaps put off by 27-year-old Sissoko’s age.

The report also claims Schalke hope to hold on to their remaining star players after seeing Leroy Sane depart for Manchester City in the current window.

£38 million could be enough, however, to bring Meyer to White Hart Lane. What do you think? Should Spurs pay up?



  1. Meyer is just the world class player we need. He is an amazing player and has really impressed me every time I have seen him play in Europe and for the German Olympic team. Levy must do all he can to buy Meyer.

  2. the last time we brought a quality german international to whl well we all know what he did( Jurgen ) .. bring him we need the quality however we rather have sum pace upfront we have no pace we break well , but our pace or lack there off lets us down

  3. Who the fu*k are you kidding? Levy will not pay for this bloke.. If I wake up tomorrow (no I will not not be watching that cu*t Jim Shite foaming at the mouth about a loan deal for blackpool) to the same squad as we have now, I will consider us f*cked and Levy a mug,.. Sad sad times.

  4. Levy will never meet that valuation. We can dream on. Aint gonna happen. Its down to Pocche now to get what’s left of this squad firing again,because currently, we’re a shade of what we were doing last year on the pitch.

  5. If we can buy Meyer it will be our best signing since David Ginola. Meyer is an awesome talent, he was the best player i the whole of the Olympic football tournament. He was inspirational from start to finish and he scored a lovely goal in the final. He has been highly rated and followed for a number of years now and he is still only 20 years old. If we bought Meyer it would be Christmas come early.

  6. Meyer is the ideal signing and buying him would make a big statement to the rest of the league. We are lacking a lot of creativity at the moment and Meyer would remedy that. Meyer would be a dream deal but will this last minute deal go through?

  7. Come on as Spurs fans we mustn’t kid ourselves. We are never going to be able to bring an elite starlet like Meyer to the club. It’s not going to happen, sure it would be a dream for all us Spurs fans to have a player with the world class qualities that Meyer has at our club. But that’s all it is ever going to be, a DREAM!

  8. Silly valuation for this player.if meyer worth for this,boufal worth more than this.honestly saying,levy is a total fraud,just can’t understand,why he saved pounds during summer.we are playing in the chl,but it is a waste of time speaking about it and useless as’s too late but I trust poch

  9. I would love to see this boy wonder put on a Spurs jersey. He is an incredible footballer. He is so quick of wit and creative. His passing skills are mouth watering and so are his dribbling skills. Love Meyer as a player so much.

  10. Finally we get in the champions league again let’s capitalise on this and go out and get players that would be put off otherwise but no we go for 3 players nkodou included that we could have got with Europa league football. Once again wasting the possition we are in same old shit with Tottenham. just turn off the TV we we won’t sign anyone worth watching for.

  11. Meyer is an amazing talent. I hope to god that we do actually buy him. He has everything that a playmaker needs. He is quick, he has great dribbling ability and he is a great passer of the ball. Not only that, but his intelligent movement off the ball enables him to get into dangerous positions where he scores some great goals. I would be elated if we do actually buy Meyer.

  12. It would be a real coup if we buy Meyer. He was the best player at the Olympic football tourny and has the skill to take our club to another level.He’s the type of player who has which decides matches and that is what we have needed for a very long time.Meyer’s an excellent player and it really would be incredible if he is ours come tomorrow morning.

  13. I agree with you.just turn of the tv.we will only sign nkudu and lopez.I’d be shocked if we sign meyer before transfer window shuts.we need new blood like sadio mane,bufal or isco

  14. I agree with all the comments regarding Levi. He is so tight with money all he is interested in is getting players in at bargain prices. If we are to compete with the likes of Chelsea etc. We have to compete in the transfer market. Time for Levi to leave.

  15. All I know is we need a decent no.8 to replace Mason I hope Meyer is that guy bt I wasn’t born yesterday. Brace yourself for the cheap knock off version we get just b4 midnight . # sort it out

  16. Levy has got to be just teasing us. Meyer is wanted by the real major clubs in Europe, why would he join us instead? Meyer is like the best young player in the world at the minute so it is inconcievable to me that we have the money to afford him and fend off other suitors for his signature. His club aint gonna sell him easily either, they are going to ask for a ridiculous price for Meyer. This deal is highly unlikely to happen I am really sorry to say. Levy will end up buying an average footballer like Schneiderlin instead, that would be just typical.

  17. Daniel Levy is holding this club back! WBA have blown us out of the water this transfer winds and signalled how serious they are competing in this league. But we’re in the CL and Levy dithers and longs things out to the extent that Paul Mitchell walked out! Under Levy, Spurs are fucked, full stop!

  18. Buyig Meyer would trump all the other Premier league summer signings. Meyer is a breathtaking talent. He’s the best attacking midfielder around. But like I think that Meyer will cost more than the money we have offered. If Levy buys Meyer I will be ecstatic and I will start to see Levy in a different light.

  19. We are in the damn Champions League and players like Meyer are just the kind of class player that we need to help us progress in the hardest competition on earth. I have watched and read a lot about Meyer and he looks the real deal. The boy is a gem and if we can buy him for the £38 million we have reportedly offered for him, then I think that will be a bargain. Because his value will soar in a couple of years time and he will probably have a price tag of £80 million in a couple of years time. Meyer is the ideal player for us as he is one of the best there is.

  20. If a player Meyer’s pedigree actually joins us then I will take back everything I thought about Levy and him being tight with the clubs money. Meyer will be the engine of our team in our attacking third. Truly great player who will only improve with time.

  21. Levy would never be so generous as to buyer a star player like Meyer for us… Meyer would cost a lot more than we have apparently offered and I don’t think the tightest Chairman in the league AKA Mr.Levy would spend 40 million pounds for a player.


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