Tottenham have completed the signing of Moussa Sissoko from Newcastle on a five-year-deal for a reported £30 million.

The player himself confirmed the move on Twitter before the club got the chance to do so.

Everton looked set to sign Sissoko before Spurs matched their bid in the last hour of the window. The Toffees withdrew their offer when it became clear the midfielder was keen to join Tottenham.

The fee is expected be paid in five instalments of £6 million.

Here’s how Twitter reacted to the news.



  1. What a good transfer.absolutely delighted that the transfer went through in deadline day.I have no doubt to his quality,he has to be first choice cmd alongside with eric dier.pacy midfielder.come on coys

  2. From a nufc fan.. glad to see the back of him lazy and has a heart the size of a pea. No doubt about his talent but dont expect it week in week out

  3. Why didn’t Poch realize he need pace preseason…only 4 million more and I am sure Mane would have joined us….younger..faster…just as value…we really screwed up this time……

  4. One bad apple as they say!! The guys a mercenary and one lazy arse when the going gets tough
    Could not believe was the same player when saw him at Newcastle then at the euros
    Only interested in dollars this guy

  5. Breaking the club record minutes before end of transfer dateline says a lot…..hope Sissoko put in the shift to justify his price tag

  6. I think the fact that he’s now playing with his national team captain will have a huge impact on his weekly game. Plus, there’s also N’Koudou there as well for him to bounce off. But the psychological damage to Spurs if we’d lost someone the manager specifically wanted to Everton would’ve been immense!


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