Harry Kane has been linked with a move to AC Milan, but Spurs fans needn’t worry.

Reports claim that Milan have made Kane a target, having been sold to a Chinese consortium. It looks as if the new owners want to get the club back to the top of European football, but it looks destined to be a slow journey, regardless of their financial power.

Milan were interested in the £75m-rated Romelu Lukaku this summer and Kane would surely cost even more. It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that Milan could stretch to such a fee for Kane and pay a higher salary than Tottenham can, but then so could a few clubs in China and no one expects the England striker to end up there.

Once the world’s finest players flocked to Serie A, which for many years was the richest league in the world. Now the very best go to Barcelona, Bayern Munich or Real Madrid, leaving the best of the rest to be spread across the Premier League’s leading clubs.

It’s six years since an Italian club won the Champions League and these days only Juventus can really compete in Europe. Juve are still searching for their first Champions League win since 1996, yet can console themselves with having won the last five Serie A titles. It’s not quite as an uncompetitive environment as Ligue 1 or the Scottish Premiership, but it’s not far off.

The change of ownership at Milan looks like it could help to make Serie A more competitive and more attractive league for TV viewers. More than ever, that is the real battle in football and it’s currently being won with ease by the Premier League.

Even when Serie A could boast of the best players from around the world, the football was typically Italian in style.

The Premier League has become the most watched in the world because it has remained typically English in style, despite most teams having few English players. It’s fair allocation of the billions earned between the member clubs, has made it the most competitive major league in Europe, adding to the appeal.

Serie A has huge clubs and the potential to get much bigger, but it will be difficult to knock the Premier League off it’s perch. The days of Italian teams buying England’s best players are gone, especially in the case of Kane – a player who has expressed his desire to see out his career at Spurs.



  1. no player is bigger than any club, everyone has aprice, the most important aspect is to play football is the best honor any player can have and get PAID for doing it,.. When HK start to supply others in the team with goals rather than seeking to score from all angles he will become a finish article, currently he i sno where as good as EPL make him out to be, at his age he should by now but he is a self fish player, when he learns and fully support the TEAM that when he will become a very good player… As a Spurs supporer over 40 years I am not upset when clubs come in for our players, If the club also had serious ambitions it would even entertain them, but alas Spurs are a club that always look for a profit hence we have not won anything in th elast 50 years too much cahanges amongst staff players staff members, creates instability, also the ground should have been developed LONG LONG time ago,,,, one more thing th eso call Bale money was made back by sours so in fact we did not loose any significant moneys by buying the players we did….. Marcus Edwards should be in teh first team he is as good as rashford and rooney at his age so play him that ishow you build confidence in your team and academy…. stio wasting time MP

    • You obviously don’t watch every match then, Kane is not a selfish player at all, the proof is this is the fact he’s struggled to score lately. He’s been all over the midfield, even taking corners for England in the Euros, unfortunately for Kane, he’s not getting the service he usually does from Dembele and Erikson.

      How can you say Kane is greedy and selfish when he plays as a lone striker, should he drop deeper and feed the likes of Alli then?? Your comments are utter rubbish and are not based on facts, Kane would work well with a second striker and both would feed each other in certain circumstances, but Kane still remains the No.1 striker in the team. So, please do your research James Anthony and write something based on facts!!

  2. written by a narrow minded person who has no knowledge of italian football cept for their stereotypical preconceptions of what italian football is and was.

  3. Ladies please, Kane is quality if given the service, strikers can’t do it all, but Kane has lots to learn and let’s hope it’s a Spurs COYS and FOYG

  4. Kane is just another over hyped English player Kane is good but not great he is definitely not worth more than 35 million.

    If he wants to stay at Spurs then that is great for him and the club but to act as if Milan are really interested in him is laughable if Milan wanted to spend that money they are many player better than Kane that would gladly come.

    Further it really makes no sense right now Milan has Bacca who is much more proven than Kane.

    EPL fan boys please get over yourselves… Milan is not the Milan of old but it is still Milan which is a club that is much bigger than Tottenham

    • “Further it really makes no sense right now Milan has Bacca who is much more proven than Kane.”

      Oh, I get it now. At first I thought your post was serious, but now I see that it was just a joke the whole time. That’s really funny. Good impression of a deluded, bitter Italian fan boy. You even got their surly jealousy of the English league’s success down to a tee. Next you’ll be telling us that Gattusso was a midfield magician, instead of a hairy little cave-man who would have had his head shoved up his arse by Roy Keane, if he’d played in the Premier League his whole career. After all, it’s easy to act tough in Italy, where the other men are falling over like little girls every time they breathe on each other.

      Anyhow, I agree. Spurs ARE much better than Milan, and Milan ARE a shitty little has-been club, and Italy’s league IS a one-horse race, won every year by a team who would struggle to get into the Europa League places in England. Thanks for making that point so clearly, with your excellent parody.


      • Get ur head out ur own arse mate…..milan were banging titles left right center while u were still wetting ur bed…..spurs dont even have the history nor the caliber to even comment about a club like milan….lot of big talk for a club who are nothing but arsenal’s bit**es….first, go experience whats it like to be the biggest club in London, then, if that happens before the end of the world, then talk abt a club like milan. Otherwise, go and get spanked by arsenal…..

      • Spoken like a true deluded football fan who still believes English football is the best football. English football merely has the most money in a massively inflated transfer market. The comment saying Bacca is more established then Kane is absolutely correct. Bacca has established himself in the best league in the world with la liga and the best defensive league in the world with serie a. The defenses in England aren’t bad, but by no means are they at the caliber of Italian defenses, and that’s with all of the money as well. Gattuso www actually a midfielder enforcer, not a magician, you’ve not watched Milan play for years mate. Now that Milan has the money some of the English clubs have they’ll be starting a fast track back to European football. Tottenham might be better momentarily, but Milan is a much much larger club, with a larger fan base and a more decorated history. Chelsea was shit for some time, Man U was shit for the last few years, Tottenham couldn’t win the title if it was handed to them, make sure you understand football before you make comments with no relative backing

  5. When a Manchester United fan talk about milan it is because man u is on par with milan but for a Tottenham fan to be comparing his team to milan is an abomination to world football.kane is good no doubt but not as he’s been hyped by English press and he’s not better than bacca,please.

  6. Juventus would struggle in england? English fans can be so arrogant, milan wouldn’t want harry Kane cos Carlos bacca is a better option. This whole post is just one bitter post frm a scared totenham fan who knows they will lose kane anytime frm now. Hulk moved to zenith saint petersburg Falcao moved to Monaco In his prime, If u think kane upgrading from spurs to Milan isn’t bad then it shows u shouldn’t be a blogger cos u knowledge about football is little


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