Since the likes of Gareth Bale and Aaron Lennon left Spurs, the team’s right-back Kyle Walker has probably been the fastest player at the club.

Clinton Njie might have been swift enough to challenge Walker’s status, but considering that he hardly ever played, it was difficult to determine.

This summer’s transfer business saw a new contender to Walker’s crown emerge, as Georges-Kevon Nkoudou was brought to the club. Known to be lightning fast, Nkoudou has yet to play for Tottenham, but if the new version of FIFA is to be believed he has unbelievable pace.

FIFA 2017 has given Nkoudou a pace rating of 92, ahead of Walker at 90.

Having seen these ratings, Nkoudou was quick to throw down the gauntlet to Walker.

Surely the only way to settle this is a 100m race shown on Spurs TV? On second thoughts, given the number of players who came off injured against Sunderland, maybe it will be more sensible to just wait for Nkoudou’s debut and make up our own minds.



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