Many amazing goals have been scored on the training ground, that only the privileged few who were there, will ever get to witness.

These days some get caught on camera, which was the first thought of a teenage Dele Alli when he scored a worldie on the training pitch while at MK Dons. Unfortunately for Alli (and us), the cameras missed his effort, but while we can’t see it, we can at least read about it.

Alli’s wondergoal is described by the Dons’ manager Karl Robinson in the Michael Calvin book Living On The Volcano – an insight into the lives of football managers.

Read the story of Alli’s goal and Robinson’s thoughts on the player in the passages below – and then maybe go and buy the book.






  1. I am not sure if Spurs fans understand what they have with Ali. If he is handled correctly and kept out of the clutches of the Manchester teams or Chelsea he can become one of England’s most gifted players.

    • David, can only totally agree with you! I am getting a good feeling about the new Spurs philosophy of rewarding the players we have and don’t want to lose, and almost “experimenting” in the market, buying carefully but still prepared to dispose of those who don’t make the grade. On top of that we now seem to have one of the best developement set-ups in the country

      • Totally agree with you. The future looks very bright in the long run for Spurs. As for Dele, He’s going to be a great great player. Credit to Karl Robinson.

  2. Can you remember who Pochettino had lunch with in Mount Street, it was shortly after Ferguson has stated that ‘Pochettino is the best manager in the League,’ this as ManU where about to sack vanGaal, it is not so mluch the players you need to worry about, it’s the manager and if he goes to MU then any player he wishes to take will go. Unless I am wrong there will be a difficult time ahead with the new ground being built so will Pochettino get the players that he asks after?

    • ManU might well try and buy our manager and then our players. I just hope Poch stays true to his word when he was criticising Chelski about throwing stupid money around and stays with Spurs, at least there is merit in what he is doing with them.
      ManU are a symbol of everything thats wrong in the world.


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