Reports claim that the club could be about to pay £12m to rename White Hart Lane station as ‘Tottenham Hotspur’.

Spurs are said to be keen on renaming the redeveloped station as Tottenham Hotspur, with Transport For London wanting £12m to make the alterations.

Unsurprisingly, it’s claimed that the club think that they can get the deal done for a smaller fee, so this is likely to be a story that runs and runs, as negotiations rumble on.

Regardless of the cost, some will question the decision to make the change. At a time when the name of the new stadium is up for grabs, the station alteration could be seen as an attempt to cut ties with the name ‘White Hart Lane’.

Indeed, by changing the name of the station, Tottenham might be able to charge more for the stadium naming rights. Companies looking to invest will not want the fans still referring to the stadium as White Hart Lane and changing the station name could help that process.

For many fans, our new home will always be ‘White Hart Lane’ rather than the soulless name of whatever company are stumping up a fee at the time.
The changing of the station name is an attempt to chip away at that history and sense of belonging.



  1. Rumour has it that Spurs are looking to be the first major football club to build a new stadium on the moon at an estimated cost of a Trillion pounds however it is thought that that they will try to lower the cost. Another load of bullshit concerning THFC will surface next week.

  2. The latest rumour to come from The Lane which has been substantiated by several high ranking Tottenham Hotspur Officials as well as current and former Spurs legends; is that Tottenham Hotspur are in the advanced stages of negotiations with Transport For London for an imminent deal to rename the Arsenal Tube Station to The Scum Station. Estimated costs of the renaming Arsenal to The Scum Station is in the region of £100m. However, Daniel Levy expects to be easily able to meet this cost by asking the world wide Yid Army to chip in one £1 quid each. Many Spurs supporters myself included have stated they would gladly chip in tens times this amount to see the Arsenal Tube Station properly renamed as The Scum Station.

    C’mon you Spurs!!!


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