Tottenham were left frustrated after a third successive league draw, this time against Leicester City, saw their winless run extend to five games in all competitions.

The hosts opened the scoring just before half time when Vincent Janssen was hauled down in the penalty area. The Dutchman stepped up to score his first league goal for Spurs from the spot.

But Leicester stunned the White Hart Lane crowd with an equaliser two minutes into the second half, Ahmed Musa slotting in a Jamie Vardy cross.

Here’s how Twitter reacted to the result and performance.



  1. Didn’t see the game today so, judging by the comments above, the ‘lightweights’ once again failed to perform up front. Nothing new there. Still playing one up front at home. Nothing new there. Plan B? Oh sorry forgot, we’ve gone from 4-2-3-1 to 4-1-4-1.
    Given our defensive record, last season and so far this season, it shouldn’t be beyond the realms of possibility to try 4-1-3-2 or, god forbid, 3-5-2 at least against the so called weaker teams.
    But no, Kane will return, Jansen will be dropped to the bench which, given his hard work trying to bring the ‘lightweights’ into the game will destroy his confidence and, I predict, nothing will change.
    The transition is too slow and therefore predictable so whether it’s Kane or, any other striker you would care to name, up front the end result will be the same.
    There will be a new stat at the end of this season; THFC the club with highest possession rate but the least number of goals scored!!!!!

    • You didn’t watch the match, and yet you have something to say. Interesting. I highly recommend that you watch the highlights. You may have to change you comments. Leicester’s first shot was their goal. Alli and Vertonghen hit the woodwork with the goalie completely beaten. Jansen had a shot just go wide. Spurs did dominant large amounts of the game.

      I will say this though. Corners were poor, yet again.

  2. Two dubious penalties & a late & arguably miss hit shot, are the only goals Spurs have managed in their last 5 games. How long before Poch realises he needs to change the style of play & tactics? It’s possible to go unbeaten all season, get 38 points & be relegated, so being unbeaten is not the holy grail.
    How often do the stats show Spurs with majority possession, most shots, most corners but only a draw to show for their endeavours? And don’t get me started on the quality of our corners!
    We’ve become too predIctable to play against. When our opponents lose possession, all they do is get everyone back behind the ball, defend the width of the penalty box & our attack is nullified.
    We have speedy players who can attack with pace, but it is often far too ponderous. We appear frightened to take a chance, relying on possession at all costs. Is that because playing with only one forward who is always outnumbered by defenders & no width, we have few options but to play through a crowded central area.
    With no wide players, but relying on full backs to provide the width, (neither of whom are known for their incisive crossing ability), to find our lone, isolated striker, is never going to be productive on the goal scoring front.
    Poch’s tactical changes during a game appear limited. Is that because we have no options, or is it his style? When did he last make a non enforced substitution before the hour & what’s the point of making subs in the 80th plus minute when you need to change the course of a game.
    Next week is the North London derby. Can anyone honestly not see free scoring Arsenal not scoring? Where are our goals coming from? The end of our unbeaten run will seriously be tested if we can’t get out attack scoring.
    Too many Spurs players are not performing. We all know who they are. A test of a top class manager is the ability to get those players back performing at their best. I certainly hope Poch has that ability.
    It’s not a crisis, yet, but dropped points with draws instead of wins cost us last season. This year we have a resurgent Man. City, Chelsea & Liverpool to contend with. If we want to compete at the very top, challenge for the top four, let alone the title, turning draws into wins against lower opposition is a must.

  3. Lucky to get a point from a dive. I admire how Leicester can get a shot on goal with so few passes of the ball. I wish we could do that with the amount of quality we possess.

      • Enorme, each and every analysis you will watch on TV has called it “soft”, “controversial”, or “dubious”. These are comments by ex-pro’s, footballers, and supposedly unbiased ‘experts’. It’s okay to admit our players dived. Dele does it all the time and is a nasty player for all the talent he possess. You don’t need to protect them or claim they weren’t dives because you just look foolish and you’re not helping anyone.


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