A lot of people questioned the decision to let Nabil Bentaleb join Schalke on loan with a buyout clause, but no one was arguing that he should be kept for his goalscoring ability.

Bentaleb only scored once during his time at White Hart Lane. Since joining Schalke he’s already scored five times in 13 appearances and earlier today he found the net again.

This time it was on international duty for Algeria against Nigeria. Bentaleb’s team were defeated 3-1, but Bentaleb’s goal was the best moment of the match, as he unleashed an unstoppable drive from long-range.

Watch the goal below.



  1. Played his first full and ONLY season for us at the age of 19…
    Got a bit cocky and upset the ‘Poch’…
    Argentinian pride kicked in…
    You have to wonder that, if our manager had the cojones to play 3-5-2 with Bentaleb a part of that MF 5, playing further forward, then just maybe we might a few more points!!!!

  2. No chance!!! He would only get a subs appearance or cup games if lucky! How many times do players leave then play great with another team?? He’s better where he is and claim the 17 mill for him at end of season??We have a brilliant team when all fit,no one can deny that.We hit a bad patch through injuries and low confidence now everyone starts whining about pochs systems and tactics.Embrace the POCH and support and enjoy whilst we still have him at the mighty Spurs!!!! COYSSSSSS???

    • I have embraced him, just of late my embrace has slackened somewhat. Players and managers change constantly in the EPL and therefore so do team tactics and I’m not sure that Poch has responded enough to the new challenges, being too focused on his own tactics perhaps.
      I’m not whining. I think I have a valid point when I say “just wish he would play 2 up front sometimes” given the current run of results.
      I repeat; last season only MANC scored more goals than us but, at the same time, we had the 3rd lowest conversion rate (Shots On Target/Goals Scored)…the warning signs were there.
      ‘When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, Sir?’ … John Maynard Keynes

  3. The comment was about BENTALEB!! Go away and chew some alphabet soup and leave the real football to the real football fans and not the plums who sit and dwindle over stats! You are a typical whining,only sing when we’re winning fan who wouldn’t know a real game of football if you actually sat and watched one! Go and watch cricket or something more suited to your boring,statistical opinions.Bentaleb isn’t good enough for our midfield is all I was saying and we should gladfully take the 17 mill at end of season if we get the chance! Stick to the fucking article Albert fukn Einstein!!

    • Oh dear, I apologise for having upset you so I’ll remember to try and avoid doing so in the future as you seem to be the type that ‘gets his knickers in a twist’ very easily. Please go ahead and have the last word…Oh, and don’t forget to kick the dog and smack the wife about as well.

    • When things got too hot the balls of Poch deflate like the Argentine balls. Bents doesn’t need spurs to shine. When he makes his way, all the talented young players of Tottenham will be forced to be small to be able to exist in this Club. Bentaleb has a lot of character and certainly did not want to waste his time and especially not resign himself or allow himself to be bent. Good luck for him. He is doing very well at Schalke.


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