Paul Pogba became the world’s most expensive player last summer, leading to fans questioning whether he is indeed worth the £90 million Manchester United paid for him.

Arguably, there are footballers worth more to their clubs than Pogba is to his. Dele Alli, for example, has started to make a real impact at Tottenham this year — Spurs probably value him at more than £90 million as things stand.

Former Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp certainly thinks Alli is worth more than Pogba.

Speaking to BT Sport, Redknapp said: “Can you tell me how all those scouts failed to spot him when he was playing for MK Dons every week? How did they end up waiting until Tottenham came in for him?

“It’s incredible that no-one took him. What a player, what a signing, what a steal at £5m. I think he’s worth £100 million now. If Pogba’s worth £90 millon, Alli is worth more.”

He added: “He’s just 20 years of age, for heaven’s sake, and the kid’s got everything. He scores goals, makes goals, he can dribble, head it, he’s got an edge to him and puts his foot in. I think he’s fantastic.

“Didn’t he play for MK Dons against Manchester United when they beat them 4-0 in the League Cup? United should have signed him there and then. At least they would have gone home disappointed with the result but they would have had a future star for the club with them on the bus.”

There’s no doubt all the top clubs, including Manchester United, will regret failing to match Spurs’ £5 million offer back in January 2015. Alli would likely be a star for any of the top six sides, and would have been considerably cheaper than Pogba.



  1. Alli has flourished at Spurs because he’s been given the starts. I don’t think he would have had that benefit at Man U or any of the other money bags clubs! So often good players go to those clubs and are ruined, there are too many examples to mention and not just for the new blood even established stars full foul of their greed as they just Hoover up any talent in order to prevent others having the benefit. I hope Alli is wise enough to recognise that and sees the benefit of staying part of a waking giant that is on its way back to mix it with the best of Europe.


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