Most footballers who live in London are spoilt for choice when it comes to things to do in the capital in their spare time. But it seems Christian Eriksen prefers to spend his time his West Sussex.

The Tottenham midfielder attended Crawley Town’s League Two clash with Exeter City on Tuesday night. He even visited the Exeter changing room after the game to have a few pictures with the players.

Before you start thinking the Dane is a rather strange type of football hipster who regularly watches the lower divisions, The Mail suggests Eriksen is good friends with Ted Baker founder Ray Kelvin, who is close to Exeter manager Paul Tisdale.

On-loan Exeter midfielder Jack Stacey claims Eriksen joked “he’d grown up watching Exeter City as a young lad back in Denmark.”

Exeter won the game 2-1, keeping them sixth in League Two; their newest fan must have been delighted. Spurs fans will be hoping Exeter don’t make a move for Eriksen this summer.



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