Toby Alderweireld wants to join Hugo Lloris and Harry Kane as one of Tottenham’s highest earners if he is to sign a new contract, according to the London Evening Standard.

The defender’s current deal will see a release clause of £30 million triggered in the summer of 2019, so Spurs want to sort out a new contract as soon as possible.

Lloris and Kane have both signed new deals in recent months, believed to be worth in excess of £100,000-a-week. Alderweireld clearly believes he is worth the same.

And who can blame him? The Belgian is the best defender Tottenham have had since club legend Ledley King. It would make sense for Alderweireld to become one of the highest earners in the team.

Multiple first-teamers have committed their futures to the club in recent months, and the Evening Standard story suggests most senior Tottenham players earn between £60,000 and £75,000 weekly.

Kane and Lloris — as well as Mousa Dembele and Christian Eriksen — are thought to earn more than most. Surely Alderweireld belongs in the higher bracket, too.



  1. Toby should earn more than Eriksen who is easily replaced. Whereas, Toby, performs at such high standards every week.”
    Mr Levy should stop playing games and just pay him top wages for without him our defence will leak goals. The next one to leave will prolly be Loris if his wages are improved by other clubs

  2. John & Bernard the problem with Spurs we always never want to do the right thing especially when players want to stay pay Them

  3. You’re all a bunch of pussies. Anything written in newspapers you jump on and moan like bitches. Since when has any newspaper, let alone the low class no class Evening Standard, Sun, Mirror, Mail or Daily Star had access to the inner dealings behind closed doors at THFC? All those cunts are interested in is putting THFC down anyway they can. The noise that Toby is off to manure will get louder the longer his contract negotiations continue. The Spurs hierarchy know Toby’s worth to the club and if you fools believe all the crap written by the pricks masquerading as journalists ITK, you need your heads tested.

  4. Pay the man the damn money, and whilst they are at it play MARCUS EDWARDS,,
    Marcus Edwards should be playing in the first team NOW;without a shadow of a doubt, better than Janseen, Ssiskco, both of whom are time wasters-
    Marcus can beat players around the 18 yard area, he is in the mold,of Gascoigne, obviously watching the Great Messi. I am flabbergasted why he has not been given his chances by MP, its criminal.
    Harry Kane would not be playing today if Tim Sherwood did not decide to say -in you go lad, look at HK how- being raved about – when the other idiot managers did not consider him.


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