Sol Campbell’s former agent has suggested the ex-Tottenham player should be invited to the final game at White Hart Lane.

Spurs play Manchester United in the last ever match at their historic home later this month, and the club has invited a number of former players to attend the game.

Rather predictably, Campbell didn’t receive an invite. The former England defender left Tottenham on a free transfer to join Arsenal in 2001 to the ire of the entire Spurs fanbase.

The 42-year-old is a bonafide hate figure at White Hart Lane, but his former agent, Sky Andrew, believes Campbell should receive an invite to the Manchester United match.

“I would like to see him invited. Spurs are a fantastic club,” Andrew told talkSPORT.

“It would be great for him to be there for the last game at the Lane and for everybody to finish on a good note. It’s not Sol’s fault that he left on a free.

“You cannot place all the responsibility on the player. The other side have to dance to the tune as well and negotiate something.”

He added: “It’s impossible for a player to see out his contract, or it should be. You cannot blame the player. No-one should look at Sol.

“What happened, and this happens at a lot of clubs, is you get a player who absolutely fulfils his potential at a club. Then there’s a problem if the club isn’t fulfilling its potential as well.

“I can tell you it was such a difficult decision for Sol. He refused to speak to any club. January, February, March, he refused to speak to any club.

“No club in Europe can say that Sol Campbell agreed to speak to them because he wanted to sort out his situation with Spurs. At that time he was only thinking of staying at Spurs. In the end he thought his aspirations were elsewhere.”





  1. Could have signed for anyone but them. Club product and Captain run down his contact and joined their historic rivals. Football is about passion… it also costs the man in the street quite a bit. traitor.
    Modric:Welcome, Jennings:Welcome, Berbatov:Welcome, Sheringham:Welcome, Carrick:Welcome, Bale:Welcome. Campbell: Will never be welcome.

  2. He treacherously did the dirty on my club.He knew that it would financially hurt the club.He could have been honest and made clear he wanted to leave and allow the club to get a fee but he connived with the vermin down the road.He is hated by all at Tottenham so why would we want him at the last game which will be a celebration of all that is good and decent at Tottenham. Tottenham have invited all who have been good and decent to come to the fond farewell.UNDERSTAND THAT YOU ARE NOT WANTED AND YES YOU ARE STILL VILIFIED.Hope that clears the situation up for you.I am proud of myself that i never swore or mentioned Judas by name

  3. I think you need to think of what would make a loyal player join a rival. Soul could have gone an where, he didn’t want to leave spurs… from what I understand he wanted a new contract but levy wouldn’t agree the terms and was very harsh with soul. This I believe lead to him sticking 2 fingers up at levy, not the fans. He’s should never and would never had left if levy had conducted himself better!

    • Errrrm I think you’ll find Levy wasn’t at the club when Sol was there, it was Sugar and Sugar has been quoted as saying that he consistently asked asked Sol and his agent to the negotiating table. Sol consistently said there was no rush and that he would definitely sign a new contract. The rest is history, he knew what he was going to do all along and didn’t give a monkey’s either. He’s truly hated at Spurs, if it’s possible, he’s hated more than Arsenal themselves.

      • Agreed. From what I remember he said that we didn’t have anything to worry about then upped and left for the Arse. I would forgive him going to them if he’d said he might leave for another club but having indicated that there would be NO PROBLEM and leaving it t the fans to infer that he was going to stay, then suddenly do a runner…unforgivable. The club captain WALKED OUT on us and never looked back.

  4. Sky Andrew who instrumented this debacle comes out and says sure we conned you out of an 8 figure sum so Arsol can do a Bosman and get a massive signing on fee after we grew him from a youth. It takes a certain kind of person to bite the hand that has fed you in such a fashion and everyone in the football world knows it. Why wasn’t I England Captain? It was because I am black! No Sol it was because you have the morals of a OAP mugger and would never of commanded the respect from your teammates necessary to be in such a position. Personally if I never see your face on a TV screen or anywhere ever again so much the better, but I suspect ITV will pay you a small fee at some point to give your jaded views on second rate football. You will never be welcome at the old lane or new and you know why so tell Sky to stick his head up a dead bears bum. The end

  5. Meanwhile Legless Ledley will always get a heres welcome anywhere he goes.

    Lesley King til I die!!!

  6. What a lot of People Don’t Realize is the Fact that he Stated he Wanted to Stay and that he was Spurs Through and Through after having Already Signed a Contact with The Gooners and Therefore LIED to Us Spurs Supporters We Trusted Him and He Kicked Us In the Teeth a True Ratbag and Traitor

  7. Its certainly not Sol’s fault that he had such bad advice from a scum sucking bottom dweller like Sky Andrew. As his agent Sky Andrew should have steered him away from a course of action that left him vilified by ALL Spurs fans and a good many other football fans through the UK and beyond. However it WAS his fault that he listened. There is simply no case to be argued that there is any shred of ethical or moral credibility in the actions of either of these two odious conspirators.

    A word of warning for any young footballers stay clear of Sky Andrew and his toxic advice.

  8. Sky Andrews you are let’s say a twister of truth.
    You know damn well that you had agreed a deal with the team Woolwich 8 months before.
    Please don’t insult us, and bring into our club this.
    You made his bed.

  9. Sol Judas Campbell will be hated by Spurs’ fans forever. If he’d gone to any other club he’d be welcome back. He knew the hatred that exists between Spurs and the Gooners. What did he think the reaction would be? Did he think? The great Pat Jennings is a completely different case, let go by Tottenham, he went to Highbury and now is held in great regard and even greater affection by Spurs and Arsenal fans alike. I believe the only other unifying point would be that lazy mercenary Emmanuel Adebayor – loathed equally by Spurs and the Gooners.

  10. Signed on the golf course the year before and trousered 5 Mil and then had the cheek to wings, really, the only way I would want him back is in stocks

  11. Campbell is Arsenal so he can fuck off the cunt, the hatred that day he returned to the lane wow was just what the scum traitor deserved
    Sky you prick shove your points of view up your arse!
    Only legendary spurs players welcome scum Campbell your not one of them

  12. Hmmm, so when Campbell took to the microphone on the hallowed turf at the Lane and promised to the masses…. I’m going nowhere !!! we all applauded and chanted his name over and over again, so now we should turn the other cheek ? remembering he sailed off in the good ship Judas with his stash of silver in the hold being counted by Captain Andrew doing the 2 for you 1 for me routine.
    You both deserve each other, call me old fashioned but I still like to think it’s about the club COYS

  13. I’ve been going to Spurs since I was a wee lad in 1972. Been a season ticket holder since ’84. I’ve seen some great things at Spurs. But I’ve never known such utter dis-loyalty and contempt for everyone at Spurs as that man-I can’t even say his name. I don’t want him anywhere near WHL. He would forever stain the ground he walked on. It’s as simple as that.

  14. I have to blame the club for the dropping of standards that meant Modric, Berbatov, Sheringham etc had to leave to win trophies. Why has it taken til Poch to do the onvious things & stand a chance to fulfill our potential? So i agree sadly that Woolwich had a much better team then. However Campbells sneaky behaviour & going there because he didnt want to leave his mum were out of order. He is a footballing Gary Glitter. No invite. I would have had hump if he done a Sheringham. But them! No invite. He rubbed our noses in it

  15. As vile as his agent is, don’t let Judas off the hook. his is a man who seems to collect enemies; in fact I’m AMAZED that an Arse fan turns up here to defend him. since generally they have nothing to say for him. Remember he stood to be London Mayor candidate for the unspeakably loathsome Tories, and got no votes (or was it one for his own). A social leper with no social awareness whatsoever!

  16. Why didn,t he leave a year earlier when United offered £12m for him, a colossal amount at the time. He ran the clock down deliberately at Spurs, cost, that,s why he is so reviled not just that he joined the Woolwich Wanderers.


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