With the last ever game at White Hart Lane fast approaching, Tottenham fans and players alike have been reminiscing about their favourite moments at the club’s historic home.

One of Spurs’ most undoubtedly talented former players, Glenn Hoddle, gave an exclusive interview to Zapsports, revealing some of his best memories of the Lane.

His favourite peformance at White Hart Lane was against Feyenoord in a European tie, while he thinks his best goal was the scissor kick against Manchester United.

But his favourite strike was his last ever goal for Tottenham, against Oxford. You can watch it below.



  1. English former football player and manager. He currently works as a television pundit and commentator for ITV Sport and BT Sport. He played as a midfielder for Tottenham Hotspur, Monaco, Chelsea and Swindon Town and at international level for England.

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